Ask @alvansepty:

20 fact about your Girlfriend + pap

1.She is not talk/type to much.
2. Her smile is lyk "meneduhkan hati yg kering "
3. i don't know, why she always got "ongkep" even, its rainy out there.
4. She always reply fast, #fastresponse
5. Patience so much
6. Family Oriented
7. Dog lovers.
8. everytime i take a photo of her, the best pose is candid and the most expressions is flat/straight face.
9. she is gorgeous.
10. her skin is light, brighter than me, of course lah yaa..
11. she always smells good, fragrant, cute,
12. Simple , as simple she won't able to called " sayang, baby, bae, beb, darl or anything else"
13. clever
14. one of most innocence girl
15. neat, lyk she can take bath more than 3 times in a day.
16. She is care
17. 1 thing funny fact is, she declare that she brave to watch many horror movies, but she never try one.
18. she is quite critism.
19. she can cook many food,
20. She love me, and me too.

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