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Desc jogja

Earlier today, I asked that question to several people I know, a question about how much more you can bear this city, the city that we grew up, that some of us call home, some of us just stuck here and struggle to survive.
So, back to the question.
"I never thought about actually leaving, because everywhere I go, I always have this feeling of missing home. When I was away, I missed a lot of things that I left behind, and I was really looking forward to go back to those things I had in mind. So I thought, Jogja was it, I knew because I've been to other places but Jogja was always on the back of my mind.
In some way, I love it enough to tolerate, that's why I stay and still hope that things will get better, it's like a relationship with this city, you get hurt sometimes, and I think i'm still here hoping to regain what
i've lost, in vain.
I hope we will have a good leader for this city. get rid of corruption, build proper infrastructure, fix the economy. Looking forward for future election. Really.
In conclusion, do i really think about leaving? well, to put it in good words, my heart will always be here.

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