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Alycia McEuen
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Favorite Pima softmore boys?

I can't even think of who any of them are

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How was your summer?

It was decent!

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Would you ever get back with any of your ex's?

Hmm probably not

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Pure bred or mutt? PAP of your favorite pooch

Pure bred!! Love my little pup😍

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Tbh you are gorgeous and super sweet😍💗we hung out a couple times and it was really fun! we should do it again sometime💗


Thank you my dear! Yes we totally should 💗😚

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Pap snapchat best friends?

When and where was your last kiss?💋

In 7th grade at the grassy hole I think😂

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Would you want to bike the Tour de France?


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What is the most ticklish thing that has ever happened to you?

I don't know haha I'm not really ticklish

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Is Braven nice? Because as a coach he's intense

Most coaches are intense, doesn't mean they're not nice people though hahah. Yes he's nice

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What is your fave sweatpants brand?


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Would you leave Pima if you could?

Yes without even thinking twice

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Who do you like

No one

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Have you ever knocked a girl out in a fight

What happened to you Audrey derrikka and Aubrey all being best friends?

Long story

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Are you crushing on anyone

Last kiss? With who?

Don't even remember it's been so long

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Talking to anyone?


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my thoughts on you are like seriously beyond gorgeous its insane! you also seem like someone that would be really fun to be around(: totally wish we were better friends):


Sorry I just saw this, but this was so so sweet😭 thank you so much💗 well we should def become better friends :)

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Are you friends with derrikka anymore?

We're civil

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so you would say you guys are friends?

Hmm yeah I'd say so

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do you still hate anessa?

No we got it all worked out😊

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Who do you like best RN: your Mom or Dad?


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Tbh i don't think we really know each other too well but you seem like a cool person and pretty as well! Don't be a stranger! 😊

Darian Romero

Thank you ☺️ haha okay 😁

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Tbh: You are beyond gorgeous, really nice and a beast at volleyball! I can't wait to be in high school with you.

✳Kaylee Carbajal ✳

You are so sweet, thank you 😭❤️❤️ ah I can't wait either!!:)

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