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What do you think of makeup?

I don't see a need for it

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What do you want to do later in life for a job

I really want to be a sports medicine doctor or athletic trainer or something along those lines

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Mirror pic please

Whats your favourite Movie quote?


What age are you scared of?

7, bc 7 8 9 !!! lol funniest joke

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What does your last answer mean about you not remembering people

I can't remember what people look like unless I've talked to them at least 5 times

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Say something most people don't know about you

I cannot remember people's faces very well

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How many months have you been dating him

A little over a year, like 15 months

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What would you never post online?

Has anyone told you you look like the girl from legally blonde!!!!!

I get that a lot actually haha

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What is your favorite restaurant in the world?

Buca or Cheesecake Factory or any where Italian

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Which is your favorite TV show?

Keeping up with the kardashians and dance moms

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Ever drank or done drugs?

Never have and never will

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Ugly but he still bf

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Every name you give your honest opinion


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Single, talking, or taken?

All of the above

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Have u and Nate ever had sex

Really don't want to have sex this young

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Du you like kommunists, or Stefan Löfven?


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besides Nathan who has been your longest relationship

I don't count middle school relationships so no one

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