Ask @amalalkurdi_:

We often hear things like "get rid of toxic people in your life", but did you ever ask yourself if you are the toxic one in someone else's life? If you found out you were then how did you try to change that?

up till this moment, no one came to me n told me I've been toxic to him/her.. I think u don't need someone else to tell u that.. u can figure it out by urself as a toxic person is also toxic toward himself..
but if that happened, I'd probably take a step back n give us a break cz I must be responsible of my behaviors n actions toward others.. till I heal myself n return back to my nature..
in such cases I really appreciate n value the honesty.. I'd like he/she to tell me If I'm spreading negativity n gloom n destroying the relation.. sometimes why can be unconscious of our behaviours n feelings n we need someone else to awaken us up...

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"no one knows who they are until they start helping others selflessly" How do you feel about this and do you agree?

knowing yourself is a conscious effort.. it's not easy to truly know who you're.. we spend our entire life discovering who we are and unraveling some of our human nature's secrets.. but it still mysterious..
helping others, interacting with them may contributes in filling in our knowledge gaps..
it can make the painting clearer but it can never make it complete

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how do u like... the calmness.. 😛👻

calmness,poems must be written about it..being alone in isolated island..ur mind is empty but ur soul is full of joy n gratitude ..nothing in the horizon except water. the sun touches ur skin n the wind caresses gently ur cheeks..suddenly, u hear some soft whispers n unconsciously u try to escape ..but why should u destroy the moment..simply live it ..surrender to it..

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