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TBH hope Ottawa is treating you well Ngan! U were always so nice to me ? super funny and rocked that tims uniform. Visit soon gurl

haha thanks Cheiy. :) hope all is good in yk!

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tbh: nagn what can I say. I only say you once this year at tims when I came to visit but you ended up leaving :( and you never join the Skype calls any more but your a blast to bug when you are there lol

MitchelWilliams’s Profile PhotoMitchel Williams
haha thanks Mitchel. but hey! it's easier to fly to Ottawa now, so you and the crew come visit. BUT YO. let me know when you guys are in calls, I'll for sure join!

How do you feel about this years challenge cup outcome?

great actually. so proud! even though i dont go to st pats anymore!

Tbh: I see your around school, you seem like a nice person. We don't really talk or haven't really talked at all, but maybe that can change this year? Idk it's up to you. Anyways I hope schools treating you well this year ☺️

tyannagodard’s Profile PhotoTyanna
thank you. ?? I really hope we can change that as well, message me!
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Tbh- we used to talk like AAAAAALLLL the time but we just stopped! Ur quite a funny person and u always sell me spring rolls at the farmers market ? they're v v yummy btw! I like barely ever see u around school which is a little weird but das okay! Snap me if ya want toooooo

aodhanjane’s Profile PhotoAodhan Mooney
thanks aodhannn?? but we in the same math class, just saying hahah

tbh: do I call you ngan or amanda? When we were friends in ms you were a great talker and a fun person to hangout with. I don't know you anymore so this tbh will be really lame SRY. You have flawless skin and a nice smile.. and apparently you have major wheels ? ✌?️

who's this? sorry. but thank you for the tbh! and wheels? haha nah


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