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what are staple items every woman should have in their closet

A classic white tee, a solid pair of jeans, an oversized blazer, a knit sweater, a button up shirt, a little black dress

How often do you get rid of old clothes?

I go through my closet every couple months.
I try to remember to do the hanger trick of flipping the hook after you wear a piece so you know that you actually do wear it.
Most importantly though - Donate your clothes pls

Name something your terrible at

Giving gifts!
I'm the one that's like, "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I GOT YOU OR?!"

what do ur nights look like now with covid?

Turning off the lights, turning on my galaxy projector, lighting a candle and either putting on a record or a Spotify playlist

Whats a good first date idea ??

Something unique instead of just the typical going out to dinner type thing!
Um - going on a hike, visiting shops in a small town, cooking a meal together, stargazing, browsing a record store, going to an aquarium

ok but what does "elevated" mean ??

Meaning like throwing a blazer over a t-shirt, jeans and a blouse/button up shirt or a nicer pair of shoes with jeans and a t-shirt. Little things :)

How are you handling the pandemic?

As best as I can! Doing my part to keep myself and everyone around me safe :)


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