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I'm sorry for your time to time and I want to go out and the eBay offers a free online dating service is not a big enough of a game tonight and tomorrow and will be the one who can be used in a long way in which case you are looking to buy it from the hospital

too confused

NO! I'm not! Totally think you're inspirational. I said "Wow!" because you stand out from the rest! It just amazed me! Really being honest here!

jeeez thanks

Wow! you're inspirational! The way you talk.. like telling them not to ask you degrading questions.. very smart! and classy. So unlike the rest! U rock!

you said wow so you're being sarcastic
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What is the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

probably chucks or cleats or nikes or combats... love the shoes

You are so hot. And your ass is so fat :)

it's actually not and I would really prefer you not asking me these degrading, disgusting questions and there's obviously a very big reason why I took days to answer your nasty questions.


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