Ask @amburguesuh:

Why is everyone around me depressed? how can I make them happy?

theres no answer why someone is depressed, they have their own reasons. as for making them happy, i dont think you can really *make* them happy. the most you can do is be there for them, check up on them, help them if they need it, just be there for them you know? if they need help, help them. if they just need someone to talk to/ a distraction, talk and distract them. help them any way you can

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A short relay: A daughter?or a son?? Cola?or Fanta?? By air✈or by land?? Mind?or beauty?? Apartment?or house?? Black◼or white◻? Strawberry?or banana?? Whale?or dolphins?? Анgel?or demon?? Sunny?☀or cloudy☁☔? Pass on to everyone you are following murr

do people actually still use this or is this just from someone random

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