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tbh you're smelly and I wish you loved Linda as much as I do. also you're a huge beauty but a lot of the time you're a douche to me and give me black eyes and such. we do way too many stupid things together but it usually ends up being hilarious anyways cya l8r hate youuuu ❤️

alex_simeviv’s Profile Photoasv
Hahahaha luv ya

TBH- so I totally thought you and all your friends hated me when we were all young LGs...but I don't think you do now? Haha I dunno. Anyways you seem really sweet even though we don't talk often, and your gorgeous, I reaaaaallyyy wish I had hair like yours! It's always like perfect.

Isaactheginge’s Profile PhotoNatasha Isaac
Haha I've never hated you! I think you're a very sweet person! and thank you!!:)
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Do you have a problem with Hailey Solberg because im always walking with her and you always glare at her.. Idk what your deal is but stop

Don't have to be so sassy about it jeez but I have nothing against her at all I'm sorry if it seems I am glaring at her but my mind seems to wonder off most of the time and I stare at things when I don't know I am. I'm sorry but honestly Hailey seems like a pretty awesome person and I can't hate someone if I've never talked to them befor
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