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Hello i'm from Panama and the aviation is my passion one of my goals is gradute of my high school and become a pilot! My ask is what i have to do for study in American Flyers?

Hi! could you send us your email address via facebook (American Flyers) so we could better answer your question?

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hello em from india i want commercial pilot license what is approximate cost, duration n is there any scope of job for me in us ?

Hello! Thanks for your question. Please give us a call at 1-800-362-0808. That way we can ask you questions and design a program that fits exactly what you are looking for. Most of our commercial programs can be completed in 4 to 6 months. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Can the tower at the destination airport close a VFR flight plan?

This is a good question! The simple answer is no, the tower cannot close your VFR flight plan. On a VFR plan only YOU can close it with flight service. You can do this by contacting flight service in the air or calling them when you arrive on the ground. Even if you are enroute and talking to Approach, Departure, or Center and state that you would like to close your VFR flight plan they will reply, "Squawk VFR". This DOES NOT mean that your flight plan is cancelled. They used to provide this service but they no longer do it because of the liability between the time that you tell them that you would like to close it and the time that they call Flight Service and actually close it, who is responsible for you? So, don't forget to close those flight plans!

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Hi, may I bring a friend with me during my introductory flight? Thank you

Yes! I it is a great experience to share with someone else. You will love it!

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Are there instrument operations that a private pilot undergoing instrument training is permitted – or even recommended – to undergo while flying solo airplane in VMC? Solo simulator between lessons is very helpful, but it doesn’t provide the same terminal area radio comm or workload demands.

Some airports are situated under but outside class B. Climbing flight paths that depart the area may intersect its shelves on the way out. Thus, it is possible to be cleared into and enter B, leave its boundary, and still have a shelf in your path ahead. So how long does a clearance into Bravo last?

You are correct that a number of airports around the country can be found in a scenario like you describe. The good thing is that the situation in your question will not be an issue. The reason? When you get your clearance into the class Bravo airspace (only for a VFR flight as "class Bravo" does not exist for an IFR clearance) you are talking to either an approach controller or (in this case) a departure controller. Your clearance into Bravo airspace is valid until the controller you are talking to requests you to squawk VFR (1200) or they switch you to another controller in the "enroute" environment (i.e ATC center controllers). It is in the departure controller's best interest to keep you under "positive control" while you are anywhere within the vicinity of the Class B airspace.

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Hello, I would like to know whether introductory flights are available on weekends in Addison, TX? Thank you.

Yes! We do introductory flights every day all year long. Please give us a call at 800-362-0808 and we can set that up for you, no problem. Our Introductory flight is an incredible 3 hour experience for $169. It includes: 1 hour of individual ground instruction with an instructor, 1 hour in the flight simulator with an instructor, and a 1 hour flight in the airplane with an instructor! You will love it or it will make a great gift!

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what is the cost of this degree son is 18 years old

Hello and thank you for the question. It depends on which degree program you are talking about. All of our flight training programs have different cost and are tailored for the individual student and their needs.Give me a call at 954-785-1450 and I will find out a bit more information and give you a quote. We offer Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, and more. We also have an affiliation with NOVA Southeastern University for a 4 year degree program combined with flight training.

I look forward to your call!

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Do you offer any field trips for middle school students that are doing a math computation and mapping activity? I would love for the kids to come see the airplanes and learn about fuel and distance calculations.

Hello! Thanks for the question. Exposing the next generation to the incredible world of aviation is always a joy and a pleasure. Even better is a teacher that is willing to think outside the box in order to make subjects like math and cartography "come alive" for their students! We would love to have your class come and visit us for a field trip and we could put together an experience to cover the subject areas that you indicate above. Please give me a call and we will organize the details! Clark Glenn 954-785-1450

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Going on a nice x-c from KADS to KHUM Saturday. Near TBD VOR, New Orleans sectional and TAC depict a railroad symbol labeled "abnd" (abandoned?). Google aerial view indicates barely a trace of a long-gone railway, so its indication on charts has a mysterious clarity of purpose. Insight?

=) im thinking to travel to atlanta to know your fligth school, but im from mexico, do you have someone who speak spanish in atlanta's fligth school?

Hello! Unfortunately we do not own a school in Atlanta anymore :( Our schools are in: Pompano, FL - Chicago, IL - Morristown, NJ - Santa Monica, CA - Dallas, TX- Houston, TX. and We do have the Spanish support team who can give you any information you need. Send us your email or phone number (through Facebook) so I can get you in contact with them.


Hola! Lamentablemente ya no tenemos escuela en Atlanta :( Nuestras escuelas estan en: Pompano, FL - Chicago, IL - Morristown, NJ - Santa Monica, CA - Dallas, TX- Houston, TX. Pero tenemos un grupo de personas encargadas de admisiones que hablan espanol, Mandame tu e-mail y telefono (por facebook) pora poder ponerte en contacto con ellos.


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I am a fast can I start and when can I earn my private lincence if I should in a months in October.

Hi , do you have any discount if you pay once all the program for comercial pilot in Dallas ( for southamerica people) thank you

Can I have your e-mail through Facebook so I can contact you about it?

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What about the admission exam, what do you recommend for me.

Our admissions process primarily consists of an interview either in person or over the telephone. Please contact our Admissions Director, Clark Glenn, so that we can disscuss your aviation goals and how we can get you started. Thanks for the question!

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Why it's that the budget it's one price and everyone when finish pays almost double ? will you answer this ? Don't think so

First off, thank you very much for your question. This is a very important point that often brings with it a lot of confusion and, understandably, frustration. Second, the question is not specific as to what kind of flight training you are asking about. I will assume in my response that you are asking about Private Pilot training as that is the starting point for everyone.

The Private Pilot program is the hardest training program to price accurately because there are so many variables: Who are you as a student? Do you have good eye/hand coordination? Do you study hard and do your homework that is asked of you? Are their many external pressures that will distract you during your training? Do you train one a month, once a week, or once a day? Will you have financial delays that lead to gaps in your training? Will the place that you are learning to fly have weather, maintenance, or other interruptions that will affect your training?

When you are a prospective student pilot none of the answers to these questions above are known. All of these factors play a very large part in how long a program will take and how much it will cost. Because of these factors most all flight schools will advertise a Private Pilot program at the FAA minimum numbers. The minimum numbers are just that, minimums. They are not realistic in for 99% of people. So, as you begin your search for a school to train at the question that you can ask is, "What is a realistic range for how much money the normal student at your school spends to become a private pilot"? The higher number from that range is quite possibly a more realistic expectation of what you will spend. Thanks for you question!

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cuanto gana un piloto en méxico al final de toda su carrera

Me puedes mandar tu email por facebook para poder responderste mejor?

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i´m almost 29 years old, what about the age subjet. trying to follow a carrer in an airline company

Right now the retirement page for an airline pilot is 65 years you have about 35 years left to retire if you start now.

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Do you offer any program such a combination of work at the office in exchange for refresher training to professionals that at one point were active instructora and move to corporate world and would like to return ? Thanks

If you want, why don't you go ahead and call 954-785-1450 and ask for Clark Glenn, he can give you advise on the best route you could go for, or email him at

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do you use Chatous? whats your username

Not at the moment, no.

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Is some one there that speak Spanish? Contact please. Thanks

Si, puedes mandarme tu e-mail por facebook? te pondre en contacto con nuestra officina hispana.

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What can I do to be in contact with you?

You contact us at: 954-785-1450 or e-mail Clark Glenn at

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I use glasses, do I have a problem?

Not a problem at all! You can become a pilot, the only thing is that when you get your certificate, it must say: "Needs Corrective Lenses" Just like on your driver's license.

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how much is the career?

If you send us an Email or a message us through Facebook we could answer your questions about pricing.

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How much does the training cost? For international students

If you send us an Email or a message us through Facebook we could answer your questions about pricing.

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What,s the first thing you as pilot need to do before a flight

Sec. 91.103 — Preflight action.
Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. This information must include—

(a) For a flight under IFR or a flight not in the vicinity of an airport, weather reports and forecasts, fuel requirements, alternatives available if the planned flight cannot be completed, and any known traffic delays of which the pilot in command has been advised by ATC;

(b) For any flight, runway lengths at airports of intended use, and the following takeoff and landing distance information:

(1) For civil aircraft for which an approved Airplane or Rotorcraft Flight Manual containing takeoff and landing distance data is required, the takeoff and landing distance data contained therein; and

(2) For civil aircraft other than those specified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, other reliable information appropriate to the aircraft, relating to aircraft performance under expected values of airport elevation and runway slope, aircraft gross weight, and wind and temperature.

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