Why it's that the budget it's one price and everyone when finish pays almost double ? will you answer this ? Don't think so

First off, thank you very much for your question. This is a very important point that often brings with it a lot of confusion and, understandably, frustration. Second, the question is not specific as to what kind of flight training you are asking about. I will assume in my response that you are asking about Private Pilot training as that is the starting point for everyone.
The Private Pilot program is the hardest training program to price accurately because there are so many variables: Who are you as a student? Do you have good eye/hand coordination? Do you study hard and do your homework that is asked of you? Are their many external pressures that will distract you during your training? Do you train one a month, once a week, or once a day? Will you have financial delays that lead to gaps in your training? Will the place that you are learning to fly have weather, maintenance, or other interruptions that will affect your training?
When you are a prospective student pilot none of the answers to these questions above are known. All of these factors play a very large part in how long a program will take and how much it will cost. Because of these factors most all flight schools will advertise a Private Pilot program at the FAA minimum numbers. The minimum numbers are just that, minimums. They are not realistic in for 99% of people. So, as you begin your search for a school to train at the question that you can ask is, "What is a realistic range for how much money the normal student at your school spends to become a private pilot"? The higher number from that range is quite possibly a more realistic expectation of what you will spend. Thanks for you question!

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