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I fucking love you!!!!! Stop with the fucking whining and just accept

I fucking love you more and no

I'm not trying to break anyone, I'm not trying to play with anyone, I'm not trying to beg anyone. I'm trying to focus for once in my life, on myself and fix all the chaos in my life. If you want to go, go away, nobody is tying you up….


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time? Let me explain, that due to the circumstances the relationship could not be carried out in some way that you think could have happened if the circumstances had been different.


I’ll always love u M and you know my socials if u ever want to come back. I’ll always be there for u. I’m sorry bout what happened.

Who are you?

I wish you knew I constantly think about you. and make scenarios in my mind of you and me.

I wish I knew who you are

Have you ever liked someone & never told them? Why?

Yes! Because I didn't think I was good enough for her


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