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Write a long message for someone you love❤(staif)

Dear someone I love,
we've done this a million times,but here we go again.
you know there's nothing I wouldnt do for you. You mean not only the world,but more than all the universes to me ❤thank you for giving me (almost) all your time,for listening to me,being there for me when I need you the most, or just otherwise :') you make me feel wanted,cherished,loved. like I'm worth living❤you make me want to live, be happy to be alive, and I cant thank you enough. thank you for existing, being who you are, and making INCREDIBLE memories with me. I hope you're always happy in your life, even if I'm not in it (hopefully I will be!) and may you airways be healthy, happy, strong and alive. I LOVE YOU ,ASSTIT

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