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I love you in the dumping ground!! ur gorgeous talanted and amazingg:) is there gonna be a series 4 coming out? btw im asking this q to all ur accoutns cuz i so rlly want u 2 answer this xoxox lysm

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thankyou xx

Ae ye still making tracey beaker returns? :o you looked so adorable with your tights and dresses x and now your so pretty!:))

thankyou xx

ur so gorgeoss and ive sent u loads tweeted u loadsa times. i love seeing u jess williams and mia mckenna bruce in the dumping ground. is there gonna be a series 4 ??

yes there's gonna be a series 4 :)
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proof video of tyler? DOES NOT EXIST! The one on youtube was jake playing a joke! he never meant it to go on youtube!

check tyler's keek?


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