Ask @amymaybutlerrr:

Why you asking yourself questions you fucking beg we all know you were the one that said 'stop wearing make up you don't need it' nobody would say that to you because your some clapped fucking pig who thinks there obvs don't own a mirror or a hair brush look at yourself

I'm the beg yeeah?yet ur the one going on my ask and preeing.move from my ask. I asked my self that yeah?i thought u already covered that roll of asking ur self questions I'll leave it to u boo boo if I thought I was buff my Instagram would be at 600 posts but I ain't like u posting everyday thinking I'm princess Larissa I own more mirrors then u do b and nah there not cracked unlike urs still on the year 6 wave with that come back I have a brush and I'll lend it to u if u have a problem pop up dirty slag

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You get too brave amy, baiting ur friends out aint big and u need to sit back down before u get punched up u little rat

Baiting my friends out... Friends friend last time I checked we were nowhere near friends did I say I was but everyone already knew you need to shut your petty little face I've forgotten about brentside until the second they decided to chat shit about me and start rumours if I'm going too get punched then do it you have had allllll this time why now I've seen them since they haven't done shit all there good at is getting in to each other's pants and other boys classy or what and little rat is that the best you could come up with wow sorry hard girl last time I saw you was on anon so don't try and act like your all this bet you your one of those begs In brentside that all you can talk about is me I'm like the centre and the talk of you lots life like I don't chat about your slutty life and you decide to chat my name and then give me hate for defending myself wow what a logic please come back to me and then try give me hate(off anon) when. You know the true story waste of fucking time now fuck off and try to get on with your life's if you have one😴😴

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