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Why would someone want to go on a space trip?

Thanks in advance too much I beyond too too grateful to for all me too too sweet too loving too kind too classy too flawlessly awesome followers may I ask though who are me followers what made me in ya povs to think to follow me why love ya all too too much beyond measure too happy Always infinity love all all here more too too much xxxx❤❤💕💕💕💕❤💕😍😇😇😇💋

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You haven’t lived until…

Ya visited New Orleans now I need to visit Nashville TN home of country music according to me girl is where I need to visit next well I see a family vacay in mother town of country music true southern hospitality xx
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Would you consider yourself a loyal friend? How do you earn people's loyalty?

Please love respect care to for Niall @real_niall_horan_official27 as Niall he so so so too awesome he so so so deserve only too love happy the whole world more he too Selfless too kind he never ever ever hard to love ever he has a heart of pure too flawless him his heart soul too too beautiful Niall as Niall he only lifts up helps all us all so many he take the time to for all he Alway make sure we all know how much he is too grateful etc let s give that back to him too how much he love all us all more so let give more back thanks to of for Niall @real_niall_horan_official27 as Niall more xxx❤❤❤💕💕💕💕❤😇💋💋😍😍
Would you consider yourself a loyal friend How do you earn peoples loyalty

What is happiness for you?

God me hubby me girl me mum @Kirstynicolxx @real_niall_horan_official27 @rosashoking @hopelesslywaiting1 @HarryGirl4life96 @misshunni @hesstyless_ @misfit_est91 @lilyrae45 all here I say this cause It too true too happy these loves are me too happy happy world I do Anything to make them happy know they are too awesome all the too positive always i be here to for them I protect care respect etc too thanks and too proudly too happy they have me me heart soul mind always infinity xxxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💋💋😇😇😇

What makes someone attractive?

Niall is one of too sweetest too kind too loving too selfless too gentle gentlemen he so so deserve too much love respect care etc I wish more give Niall this I stand up for Niall cause I truly love care for Niall too too much cause I want to cause I know what a Too awesome AMAZiNG man he truly is yes i a too happy too thanks loyal proud fan to of for Niall cause I see view feel Niall as a very too special precious very dear bestie friend I very honored to know know of what kind of a truly Too classy guy too awesome flawless Niall as Niall in and out in all ways xxxxxxxxxxxx💕❤❤💕💋💋💋💋❤💋😇😍😍 💋😇😍
What makes someone attractive

Do you enjoy travelling on a ferry?

Yep me hubby is too a too sexy catch so why he pick me he has to be out of his mind in me pov but I too glad too thx he did but only God me hubby can answer this I haven't a clue cause me hubby didn't have to pick me he have too many too flawless choices of too flawless Beauties out there that fit him better xxx
Do you enjoy travelling on a ferry
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What was the first thing on your mind this morning?

This song too too true i dedicate it too thanks too happy too sweet too cute too true to me too awesome saint of a hubby that puts up with me for last 20 yrs all me messed up me i thx God me hubby for me hubby love him beyond measure too much always infinity xxxxxxxx
What was the first thing on your mind this morning
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What's the last concert you went to?

Compared to Vivien Leigh unlike her I can't go in public without makeup I look like a too Fugly zombie with too ugly dark circles i still break out in acne I have to conceal etc I know I no too flawless beauty Like she was when she woke up perfect look daily xxx
Whats the last concert you went to
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What do you think animals think about humans?

Since me smile is not flawless too beauty like hers I refuse to open smile for pics I just smirk or closed smile put on the makeup so I can at Least look decent for public with makeup applied I don't feel quite so naturally too Fugly cause unlike her who is too gifted with natural beauty didn't need to wear makeup I do have too choose to so I don't scare off folks and myself more xxxx
What do you think animals think about humans
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Is love complicated? Why?

I wonder If i truly deserve to have this in me life ever cause I love to have Know feel Believe I can have this I hope pray all can Tell me either way but to honest I hope I do deserve it xxxx❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕😇😇💋💋😍the same goes for them too cause i love Care to for respect put them how they feel etc always before me too too happy xxxxx❤❤❤❤❤
Is love complicated Why
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What one word describes you?

I will stand up against too proudly against any form of hate bigotry of any kind - I will take a stand against Racism ,Sexism , etc i pray daily that all faiths in world can coexist daily live in peace work to find more and embrace each love each other more xxx
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What do you believe in?

I don't believe we evolved from apes but I do believe we evolve In other ways - natural way of time age personality etc xxx
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What makes you crazy mad?

I hate swim suit season I in me pov have. Stick with this kind of swim wear so I can hide me too ugly tummy I can go in better confidence with this kind of tankini to public beaches this summer
What makes you crazy mad
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Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?

Apparently I need to study up and coming stars to be 😂😂😂😂😂this game is too fun and addicted to it love it xxx
Do you like heavily colored eyebrows
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