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This is the last opportunity I will give you to answer me on your website after tonight you will answer to the public goodbye and keep playing your games. Stupid you’re not blocked.

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i deleted a few answers that seemed annoying what is concerning and got deleted on its own was me explaining that yes i have experienced psychosis so im not always to be trusted when i say something that sounds unlikely. went on to mention that despite that, you can trust that i'm heterosexual and terrified of getting violated by men. really suspicious with all the suspicious people on this site. really sicc of having to make this clear society needs to be more heteronormative so gay people arent as big of a threat to the general public. not even trying to be funny its fucced up that question deleted itself or someone hacced onto my account and deleted it. i wont even get into my views on lesbians they are often just a nuissance to me and equally as sad as any homosexual cause homosexuality literally doesn't exist from a biological standpoint there are laws of attraction.

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