Are you in love? If yes, is it mutual? If no, do you still believe in love?

Am I in love ??
Am I ?
I'm confused about everything rn and its EVERYTHING. How to put this up but IDK what's love actually, Never experienced it and even If i did how can i know it's love ?? As far as I know "payar to bhaut naseeb se milta hain, Jaani" Kya main naseeb wala hu that's the question ?? Love in today's world isn't that what we hope for, its mere a name to satisfy people so they can name it so called "love".
Aacha I sounds confused or complicated na, I'll try to simply, Whats love to you ?? I don't think you can define this with a single definition. Isn't it relative term, it's just something else for you and different for me haan the thing is IDK what's it yet to me ?? Sometimes I think it's love and the next moment it's all gone (woosh, BTW I like this word). So don't you think if that was love then this 'woosh' would never happen, I mean that if it was love in the first place there no parting up. Now, people can disagree with me and I too believe sometimes, things are never meant to be (SOMETIMES) but how to know it's your 'SOMETIME'. You keep on trying for the best but what you get is just never enough (Human psychology).
Haan there this girl who's really different like totally different and she's just awesome.
Yes, I believe in love, who doesn't wants to be in love or be loved taken care of and other Blah blah things.

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