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Worst fear?

I've many fear and I'm always accompanied with them it's just sometimes some are over and I'm over some of them ... But it's pretty constant but I'd like to go with
My biggest fear is facing myself, all i can do is conform to society because if I don’t then people will exclude me. Even when something's wrong I cant say it loud. Even if I see something horrible I can't act against it. I wanna help but I become paralyzed because no one around me acts. I lose who am I. I wanna yell cringe and scream but nothing comes out. When I try to do something it become struken by fear and end up running away. If just conform I could run away forever. In dream I can wonder all the bad things away. But I can't do that (afterall it's reality buddy). I know I can't run from everything and everyone. Because what I'm afraid of the most is hurting someone again. I wanna stop. I wanna act. I wanna yell in the middle of the street to show how wrong it is. I wanna stop dreaming. I wanna create something real. I wanna take myself back. I wanna break free. I wanna never give up again. Because if I dream again I know it would hurt. It hurts so much to dream. That's why I want to face myself. But I dont know how ? I know what want to do. But I'm too scared to do it.
It's just I wanna !

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Most zaleel moment of your life?🌚

Ok let's answer this I won't call it exactly Zaleel (humiliating) rather call it embarrassing, okay !

Aaise bhaut moment aaye hai so 1-2 mention kar deta hu -
Swiping, waiting and having your debit card come up declined is one of the most stomach churning moments you’ll ever experience. When this happens it’s a lose-lose scenario because if you don’t have the money in the bank, you’re now exposed – and even if it’s your account that’s malfunctioning, defending yourself and appearing to be fool willstillbe greeted by funny, judgmental looks. (Happens alot of time)
Going to the wrong classroom and sitting there for a lengthy period of time before realizing that the topics of discussion don’t fit and now you’ll look like a bad-mannered student, exiting class just as it began.
Peace ✌️

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You're still going to get criticized, so you might as well do whatever the fuck you want🙌🏼

Idk how is to answer this as I currently got into a very weird and awakard situation which is really hard to overcome. I totally agree with you point but sometimes you gotta listen sometimes you might be wrong sometimes you are going end up in some serious mess. But it's just u get too friendly with someone that it might be a little hard for them to expect or see you the way you wanted to show. Its should be a very slow process to blend rather to jump.
Yea its damn true after all its your fuckin' n freakin' life do what ever shit you wanna. But not, someone get offended or get hurts. The real problem start from there but we ain't gods to know what the next one like and doesn't so as i told ya - do blend but slowly. "Criticism makes your way to success".
Follow your dream succeed or not but atleast you'll be satisfied at last that you followed .
I think that's enough ! If that made sense or not ! Peace ✌️

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Define love

A pristine feeling. Its the freshness of morning dew- fragile yet beautiful. Its like an i pod with your favorite play list on repeat mode. Its like a painter 1st stroke. It is like Indian monsoon. It is unpredictable as the stock market. It is as dependable as ur LIC life insurance. It is as sweet as deep fried jalebi. It is nosier than the Delhi traffic, quieter than the sea at night. It is more demanding than ur Board exam, & challenging than the IIT- AIEEE or the CAT. It can be dirtier than a teenagers bedroom. It can be as painful as the 1st period. It is whiter than pearls, more twisted than a salon- returned girls curls. It gives a glow, shinier than black. It's nauighter than a boy and a girl on a secluded beach. It's more additive than coffee, crispier than KFC, deadlier than LOVE SEX DHOKA trip. It's the nervousness of the 1st kiss and the tension of a period miss, the pressure of parental piss !
(A lot like a love and a lil' like a chocolate - Book)
This exactly defines love for me and some won't agree to it cause every this is relative and love is a relative term too. Hope you get what you were lookin' for !
☮️ peace ✌️

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What impresses you most of all?

That's a tough one. PEOPLE might say its "soul" and what not lel but when it come to reality they don't want certain things like- dark complexion or etc etc things in a person. (this apply for both the gender's) Its obvious "First impression is the last" so I'll need to accept that but sometimes it happens that instead going for the beauty you end up with a more beautiful person (considering all aspects) in life. We do have a choice but are we strong enough to take that chances ?? So it's YOU that impress me, Yes YOU !!

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Honest thoughts on whosoever comes first while typing @.”

@BuffaloDreams lol 😂😂 yaha bhi tum honestly meri Jaan Jahan, jan-e-Jaan bus taj Mahal nahi banawaya hai tere Naam pe but anyway ittne Kam time mein koi ittna aacha dost ban bhi sakata hai i didn't know. And you know that talking to is always pleasure and intresting with the bakchodi you do (or i do). Aur kya anyways i not like the celebrity type here on ask, its still new here and baki dil ke baat dil mein he rehne do ! 🙏

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