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The more I fight, the more I work
The more I dig into the dirt
To be fed up, to be let down
To somehow turn it all around
But then fate knocks me to my knees
And sets new heights beyond my reach
Below the earth, below concrete
The whole world shackled to my feet
And far below, the carnivores
Are looking up to where I soar
Above the clouds, above the storm
Above the earth, I am transformed
The energy has set me free
And pulled me through the galaxy
I've risen up beyond the sky
I am awake, I am alive!💜

سبـيـس 🦋

hayaalfaouri’s Profile Photoهَــيـــا
لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين
سيؤتنا الله من فضله إنّا إلى الله راغبون
ربي إني مسني الضّر وانت ارحم الراحمين
قل لن يصيبنا إلا ما كتبه الله لنا


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