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Who was the most easiest celebrity to style from your experience?

A lot! I really love Ellen Adarna, she's just so real. She would sit and eat Jollibee Fried Chicken beside me and not mind sharing her funny experiences. I just get so entertained.
I also like Bianca Gonzalez and Belle Daza, they're always filled with content whenever I would have a chance to converse with them and they're just down to earth.
Marian Rivera and Solenn Heusaff are not difficult to dress also, because usually anything they wear looks so great already. They even make the clothes look more beautiful.
Tito Boy Abunda is still my favorite though.

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Is the pay for being a stylist good? Is it enough to sustain your lifestyle? ☺️ Super curious about your industry!! Can you tell us what its like? All glamour ba or may nitty gritty also

Your pay depends on the kind of projects you get. Advertisments can give you a buy you a cake while editorials can get you peanuts--well IT ALL DEPENDS on you. And its 100% hard labor, don't even think about the glamour. its irritating how most people still think it's all about the glamour- try lifting sacks of clothes until your back hurts. :)

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Hello! Im 5'8" and im pretty lean. What do you suggest i pair with a midi skirt? The structured ones like anthony ramirez' :-)

If I was lean with that height I'd mostlikely wear anything. Sounds like anything you wear would look good on you. You can wear a structured top with it to keep it sleek or a plain, simple top to compliment the skirt with a lot of details. Well that's how I would wear it atleast. :)

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Hi Andie! May I ask if ever one gets the chance to be an intern for stylizedstudio, how many months is in the contact? And does stylized hires anyone without experience or internship, just a college degree but with a huge love for fashion? Thank you in advance! You have an awesome insta and blog! x

Internship is for two months and yes we still hire people even without experience in the fashion industry just as long as they have a pleasing personality and work efficiently. Just send us your resume at

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How can someone be an intern for stylizedstudio? Can I submit my CV? :)

We really are in need of people we can actually hire. It is important that you have good taste, a pleasing personality, you can pick up instructions very well and you can properly deal with various situations. Please try to submitt. We really are looking for someone specific.

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