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Hi miss andie :) i really love your photos and i was very happy to see that you posted a tutorial on your blog of how you edit them. But you see, SE3 is not anymore free on vsco. :( what other filter can i use that is free? If you don't mind... :)

Glad you liked it!! I still use HB1 or HB2 sometimes. You can still achieve a similar outcome but the settings are different. Ill look into it and check out new filters and will post a new tutorial soon! Thanks! :)

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How do you manage to juggle everything that you are doing right now?

I just do one thing after the other, prioritize what needs to be done first. Sometimes I feel like I cant do my best anymore because I already have this notion that as long as the task is accomplished, then its okay. Most of the time I always have a lot of things pilling up like crazy that it makes it difficult for me to focus, usually listening down what I must accomplish today really helps!

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