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hadiah terakhir yang lo kasih itu apa ? ke siapa ?

adalah, bikin sendiri. ke teman yg gw sayang.

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How to grow without growing apart?

not sure if we're thinking the same thing, but my answer is "just be yourself" i guess. I feel those who are "in the same boat" as you won't grow apart

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PAP apa aja deh please... yang bikin gue seneng tapi yak >,<

kalau dateng ke acara ini besok mungkin lo akan senang x) hehe

P.S. somehow I have a feeling you'll like To Forfeit's song "Time" from our debut EP that will be played tomorrow:

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ketika melamar atau dilamar, backsoundnya pengen lagu apa ?

keknya gk perlu background music deh hahahaha.. tapi klo harus, ga tau juga sih.. pastinya palingan nyambung ama memori dengan orang yg mau dilamar

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Lagu apa yang pernah tanpa sengaja bikin lo nangis ?

lupa2.. tapi altho in a rather different way ada song yang berhubungan bgt sama pengalaman nangis yaitu: Bright Eyes - Saturday As Usual

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which is worse , "ketinggian" atau "tenggelam" ?

"tenggelam" sounds worse.. but I dunno, they might end up to be the same thing rite?

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Terakhir beli CD rilisan fisik kapan ? dan Album siapa?

hrm klo gak sala sekitar sebulan yang lalu deh... The Flaming Lips - The Terror, isinya ada bonus mini CD "Sun Blows Up Today"

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weekend ini ada rencana apa ? #padahalmasihsenin

meeting a good friend yg uda mayan lama gak ketemu + harusnya ada latian with ze band To Forfeit sih sempetin

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Gue pengen banget nonton konser........... bareng........ (isilah titik-titik) >,<

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH INI GW ADA JAWABANNYA FIXED PARAH :'( KONSER "THAT BAND" BARENG "DIA" HAHAHAHAHHA AMPOOOOOON.. even tho it's weird wishing on it now I'll still think it'll be a surreally beautiful thing.. even if it's going to be on strictly friendly terms gapapa gapapa gapapa gapapa.. how i know I still would and hope it to happen. apalagi klo pertama kali ntn bandnya langsung ini terjadi. fun2!! gawat ah ini pertanyaannya tae!

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Lagu yang saat ini diputar dan diputar lagi ?

hmm on the top of my mind lagi suka bgt sama album "the Voyager"nya Jenny Lewis and feeling it banget sama title tracknya.. mayan banyak sih lagu2 lain yg on repeat, it's a great year for music :)

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do you believe in KARMA ?

hard question. "kind of" is my answer but I do believe that ~god~ likes to switch the realities of the universe from its most nihilistic nature to its most magical, back and forth, forever

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5 things you know about me ?

- a big fan of my late cousin's music project Noises By GAP
- her favourite band is Mew, and she's a member of the indonesian fanclub.. right?
- interested to collaborate with me/Green of Life, as a singer
- her instagram is in black and white haha
- i dunno.. a wide-eyed appreciator of music and the arts?? lol :^)

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have you ever feeling "in love" with strangers ?

i don't think so.. "in lust" definitely lol... and in some instances I "like" some strangers (but not like like or like like like hahaha)

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Whats your username on chatous?

I don't use chatous lol

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siapa seseorang yang pengen sekali kamu jumpai? *sebutnama*

no.1 nggak mau disebut namanya di forum terbuka seperti ini HAHA, capek juga gw banyak nge-reference langsung ato tidak langsung di (sorry You)

jadi no.2 aj: *CONOR OBERST* :^) (hahahaha) dulu pas nonton Bright Eyes di London, 2011, nggak sempet ketemu :( nungguin di luar venue bntar tapi habis itu gw harus catch a train back to Brighton. gw cita2 pengen bro out sama dia di-bar or something, ngebir aj palingan.. talking about life and random stuff

tapi ya kalo conversationnya bakal stretch to about those indifferent clocks, rabbit holes, jejune stars, loophole in dreams, yellow birds, lime trees, sailing away.. etc etc etc ya ayo aja sih gw ^^

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salah ga sih kalau kita terus mengharapkan cinta seseorang padahal kita tau dia cuma biasa aja? alasannya?

uh.. gw ga tau sih "biasa aja" yang di pikiran lo kyk gimana maksudnya.. (sifatnya? mentalnya? etc) itu kan dari sudut pandang masing2... tapi emang kalo nggak spesial buat lo harusnya ya nggak perlu diharapkan cintanya haha. alesannya karna syp tau ada org lain yg lebih connect ke lo kan?

gw susah liat konsep "biasa aj" secara objektif sih nih hahahaha.. (everyone's special for different kinds of people yo..) but okay I'l try.. so apa mungkin maksud lo.. dia tuh "biasa aja" (in whatever form and level of biasa aj that is).. tapi ada parts of who he/she is yg make you keep thinking about him/her and keep coming back gtu ya? in that case salah ato nggak-nya tergantung sama "situasi" hubungan lo berdua sih sepertinya. mnurut gw "that feeling" ya patut dipegang juga kalo emang ada haha, tapi coba untuk jangan memaksakan situasinya kalo emg ada hal2 yg ud bikin susah.

gw juga kyknya berkelemahan dalam mengharapkan orang terlalu lama sih orangnya -___- huahuahua but at least not as bad as a few years ago I think.

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I see a man and I feel nothing, but when I read his poignant writing, I couldn’t be even more in love. It was as if we connected in a spiritual level, (maybe) above admiration for a talented author. Have you felt this way before?

hmm, luckily... all the female artists I like, usually with lyrics and music I really appreciate, are quite attractive physically as well :P hahahahahahaha so perhaps I haven't felt that feel.

but then I could relate this to something personal lol. I guess this made me think of someone, someone that, perhaps because of a "time and place" thing.. because of certain moments and a timeframe of seeing each other a lot... made me feel a side of her that I have never seen before until that point.. and I guess that, combined with what I perceive of her before.... made me fell quite deeply in love lol

i think it's wrong to say that up until that point I felt "nothing" for her.. she's always a character I "noticed" and perhaps admired in a peculiar way... but yea the word LOVE was definitely a new vocabulary in that point in time. it was beautiful... at least to me -_- hahaha! if there's no more chance of ever developing it to something completely real I hope the "love" will keep spinnin in some way or another. she's always a good company for me :) #WoySoriBangetForThisSubAskFmPostKaloBacaFeelLikeWritingThisHaha!

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orang yang dikangenin waktu SMP dan SMA dan masa sekarang?

ada sih yang langsung kepikiran. klasik. tapi it's about time to let whatever be with that one :) many other realities to dwell on. of course if I'm given a fair amount of time to hang and talk about stuff i'll make the most out of it. will try to not have any weird expectations, just pure love for a friend.

yang lg kepikiran dan lebih mau gw kangenin sekarang adalah beberapa orang2 atau "karakter2" yg gw temukan pas tinggal di UK :) banyak pengalaman2/perasaan2 menarik di sana dengan orang2 yang I wish had the time to know more of. So here's one to meeting people I "need" to meet again in the future! and klo suatu saat gw bikin buku or something pasti banyak kok karakter2 tersebut yang bakal menjadi inspirasi.

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seberapa penting hobby pasangan bagi lo ?

Jujur "lumayan" ada pengaruh sih. Hobby n interests orang yg biasanya bikin gw tertarik dan pengen lebih tau tentang orang itu.. nggak harus sama persis hobinya yg penting ada suatu "wavelenght" yg ke-connect sih. Mnurut gw gtu2 lbih penting karna klo physical attraction it happens all the time kan? (Not saying physical attraction gk penting.. we're all naturally bound to that lah)

Tapi ya pokoknya hobi/style gtu2 yg bisa bikin gw "kepincut"... tapi beyond that.. kyknya sih "koneksi emosional" yg lbi berpengaruh lg. More to do with how the two perceive and feel things. It's like i found myself feeling something reaaaaly deep to a few people yg padahal hobby etc-nya gk bgitu mirip or g mirip sama sekali haha. I think ill take someone who shows her true colours over someone who pretends to like something to attract, anytime

Trus beyond that lagi in this "pasangan" thing ada "koneksi spiritual" juga i figured. Klo yg ini gw gk bisa jelasin dan nggak ngerti sama sekali hahaha.

Sori jawabannya ke stretch-out. Who am i to write a lot about this when currently i'm kinda out of luck in the subject -_- huahua

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Do you play any online games?


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hihihihi yg mana aja bole


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mz andra :')

ha.. halo mz... ini bossku yg mana ya? :^)

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have you ever love someone so much it hurts? Well I have and it hurts so much that I can't breathe. What should I do? :(

yes. haha yea I couldn't live properly either but I really don't want to blame that love for any bad/weird decisions (because in the end we can't blame anything anyway)... especially the fact that it's one filled more with delusions and longing more than actual closeness.

I don't know what's best for you but I did paint, I did write, I did danced, I did acted out, I did sang..and how I did sang... I sang about her, I sang about masks, I sang about walls, I sang about the circle and most recently I sang about "time" itself.. I sang about everything really haha. it's all there. and it's all beautiful. and I guess I still live and function til this day because of the capability to express that heavy love in those ways.

"if it's not for you than this love is for everyone" is a recent key sentence that's been looping in my head lately. and I really hope this love could reach out to the souls that need to feel it. of course mainly art will always still be about saving oneself.. but yea with all due respect to my viciously "indie" idealism LOL I can't deny the fact that I have this kind of thought too.... can't deny the fact that I stared at a Blur -Tender live in glastonbury video, with all those crowds singing along their hearts out.. and thought: "hey this green field of life and love that's bubbling and expanding inside me is THAT heavy and vast.. when can it be "released"???" hahahahahah

I will always have open arms for that special "place" if its ever opened its doors for me again and answers the unanswered questions that made me soooo confused and lost.. but I've been trying my best to detach that place from other potential loves.. that probably needs me more anyway. and of course all my 3 eyes are starting to look out for new love that could really be

I can only say live on and appreciate the other magic that's in your way! I'm trying my best too!!

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