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Do you think you guys will last? Really cute together btw

haha thank you :) weve been together for almost 9 months now i know we will be together for a long time
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tbh andrri youre so funny and sweet and like idk we basically grew up together at lyndhurst and i havd so many memrojes of u doing stupid shit its grrat luv rate: 10/10 ball is life swish

hahahaha thanks stef!!!!

(T) TBH: tbh baller. u shoot bricks and air balls while I shoot buckets. lol ur a savage (W) Would I ever date you: hmmm lol idk maybe? (E) Ever liked you: naah (R) Rate: 9.4/10 (K) Kiss or Diss: I dont kiss savages 😂🙅

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i shoot buckets
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tbh mixtape we were really close last year but at the beginning of this year we weren't but we are back to it. I like how I get up to put my disk in and you don't even play with me. well you're like a brother to me and I'm glad you are. you're super chill and your ball skills are crazy.

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peep my mixtape fam thanks
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