Ask @andymolter44:

Yes i was there... I remember your dad and everything anyways dont talk about gsa its not like tou moved to concorde academy or sum you moved to that sorry ass dacula you and nick pruehs

Ok first off you have the grammar of a second grader. And yea. Dacula is a better club. We may not have the same firepower GSA does but we will and dacula is better. If you would look past the bias everyone has towards GSA you would see that

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Lmaooo you prob sayin this shit cause you aint make the top team or sum. And wtf they do train nigga i play there you a bull shittin liar

Ok you can chill.And yea i did. I played classic 1 for keeper and field. So dont tell me i wasnt on the top team. And yea they dont train them. Besides just making them a formation and playing possession. Yea thats like all they do.

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Overall gsa are one of the best clubs

No they really arnt. Like when everyone looks past success like 2 of their teams have you'll realize they are actually a terrible club.
1. They dont train their own players just recruit them.
2. They treat their players that arent the best like actual crap.
3. The coaches are racist and look for certain races instead of skill. If thats what you call a good club then you need a reality check brah.

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