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I AM Batman
The universe gave me thousands of reasons why he isn't the one, why i should leave him, why is he not my ideal guy and some other negative whys. But I fought against the universe, searching for that one reason why I am so lucky to be in love with him, why I should stay with him, why I should take care of him. That was how much I love him. I wanted to prove the universe that no, you are wrong. This is the right guy.
Its just funny that I love him that much, but he left me anyway. :)

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Don't you remember loving him for first time? You wanted him to read your soul your love in his life would made him feel like heaven everyday you walk with your body without a soul, a soul that tries to reach him & touch him slowly that love faded away you couldn't feed it own your own it needed him

For me it was never a case of still loving him. I have never stopped. I tried to let him go, I told myself to think about everything he had done and all the ways he had hurt me. But all I could think about was my smile in the mornings and my laughs late at night. He was the reason for that, he made my days better. Sure, you're going to have bad days but the good always outweighed them. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he had my heart since the day we met, as we fall apart, so did my heart. Some pieces I have already taken from him and some, I'm afraid I'll never get back. :)

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What's the last song you listened to?

Mjy song ka name ni pata bas ye kch line he suni :D kisi ne kisi ke liye whatsapp status lgaya wa 🙃
Baat ek nah bulayee koe dil se kabhi
Sun le meri duhayee koe dil se kabhi
Dard itna diya tune warna kahan mangta hai judaaiii koe dil se kabhi
Sun le meri duhayee koe dil se kbhi 👌

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