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if anyone even uses this app, sure bud

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I like you

at this point i feel desperate for a long term relationship .

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Favorite quote?

ugly ass dude: your like 10..
lame/ new cool kid: yea 10 inches in your mom
ughhh makes me laugh every time

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hey you you're so freaking gorgeous(:

hey thanks!

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everyones all in love and im over here.. chillen

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you like running?

from my problems

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Would you rather continue your life as it is or start it over?

start over fuck this shit

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you're so beautiful 😍

says you but thank youuu ❤

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Don't wear a California shirt if you ain't or never been to California that's like saying someone from Africa is wearing a I love New York shirt and has never travled outta Africa you just don't do that it don't make sense

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You're soo hot

Cameron Dallas
Aw thank youu

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