Ask @anibhat99:

Long views?❤️

Curry ❤ (For the 3rd time Lal)
The one whom i can chat/talk for 24×7.
The one who laugh on my lames😅
The one who hate maths 😂lal study okay.
The one who tag me in someone's photos which I don't like at all.😒😂
The one whom I irritate alot.. Lal ❤
Hahah... Stay same okay...!
And No fights now 😭🙏
Love You.. Best Frnd💘
Meet soon(Only if You will not slap me)👅

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Dafod Friend ❤
Lame partners af ❤
I ssly like your lames 😂
I never feel bored when we chat 😂
Such lame chats are the best 😂
Many epics we created these days😂
Yesterday - 28 min 26 sec,Remember?😂
My expression video #3 coming soon 😂
Chal abhi boht hua varna pateli marne start karegi tu 😂❤
And my lames are better than you,Okay?🐽❤
Meet soon ❤🐽
Hate you 🐽❤
P.S - Hate you because cheese pizza akele akele khaya tune, bc yaad rakhunga mai ye baat. 🐽

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