Ask @aniketsisodia21:

1.One best friend?🌏 2.Do you have a sibling?👭👫 3.Top ten priorities?👯 4.Something you miss?😭 5.Something you want atm?😅6.Something which makes you happy?7.How old are you?💯 8.Birthday?🔛 9.Single/taken/crush?👯 10.A subject which you like the most? 📚 (STAIF) Please answer

kya karoge itna jan kr😂😂😂

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Likers Get Percent rate-0%- Do I know youu? 😅 10%- We don't talk.😏 20%- Ek baar baat hui ae bas.😂 30%- We say hi sometimes.✌ 40%-Nice Profile🎆 50%- Looks🙈 60%-U r..Cute😻 70%- Broda/sis. 💃 80%- Best friend. 😘 90%- I'll do anything for youu. 💕 100%- I'll take a bullet through my chest for u❤️