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Have fun with this challenge! If you don't want to do it, please just delete the question. [ ]

*sorry for late answer*
How do you feel?
-24K- Super Fly ( )
Describes you?
-Olivia Holt- Fearless ( )
Stuck in your head?
-BTS- Crow Tit ( )
Makes you happy?
- Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake ( )
Makes you sad?
-Sabrina Carpenter- Smoke and Fire ( )
Makes you calm?
-BTS- Jump ( )
Makes you want to fight?
-4MINUTE- Hate ( )

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#HappySugaDay ✨

× Rosé × ♡
Well,today is finally your day. ♡ I just wanted to take some time and write you this huge message. First of all,I can't believe now you're 23. *^* Time fly so fast,heh.~ Second, I can't express how much you have made me so happy throughout these past six months. Becoming an ARMY has been one of the best choices I made in my life. You taught me many lessons and you really made a huge change in my life. I'll always love you for everything you do and all I want in life is to meet you in person and thank you for everything. I would like to thank you for everything you gave us all these years you spent with us. I couldn't be more happier for all that you have achieved with your effort and sheer dedication. You deserve much all this. ❤ You always taught me that we must always do good even through the person we love is not seeing that. You made me never give up of who you're. You're amazing. A man i really admire with all my heart and soul,and now I'm very thankful and blessed to say I'm a fan. I'm a fan of who you have become. Above all,you've shown me what is love a human being. You really improved my life for the better,and you still are doing it. You're beautiful inside and out. For me you're a very special person and loved with all my heart. I'm sooo blessed by you .❤ You may not have improved my life in the real life,or change what he means ,but it surely got better when you entered it. These no words to describe how and what I feel about you. I mean,you're so talented,funny,amazing ofc,sweet,smart,loving and gorgeous. ❤❤❤ You have already done so many things in your life in such a young age. I'm so proud to have a idol like you. ✨ I'll always support you no matter what happens. You always melt my heart. ❤
Noww,lets move to the wishes. 🌟
I wish you the most important-health, happiness and good luck.❤ Happy moments with other members *Jimin at first,heh* and much love. Be loyal and still inspiring me and all the ARMYs. ❤ Keep smiling and being yourself. ❤ I adore youuu so freackin much. Never forget that. ❤❤❤❤
Also Happy 1000th days,ARMYs. ❤
p.s. I made an edit which sucks but oh well c; @Bae_Jungkookie

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Трябва ли да се сещаме за приятеля/приятелката си само на празници като Св. Валентин, а през другото време да се държим с него/нея като с боклук? ( )

Забравена звезда
Не,разбира се. Ако обичаш даден човек ще си до него през цялото време.

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