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Do you like jazz? Not that shitty elevator white person jazz. Real jazz.

i think so. i haven't listened to that much though :(

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what kind of tea do you like to eat do you drink cookie with your tea

i most often drink thai tea, green tea, or ginger tea. i have never heard of drinkable cookie

You are allowed one beverage for the rest of your life. What would you choose?

water because anything else and id die

this sock had a vERY EMOTIONAL BREAKUP, OKay

well does it match any of my other socks? what am i supposed to do with it?

its not my sock or your sock its just a lone sock on the road. a free sock.

wheres the other one? socks come in pairs

whats the best story about bitcoins and/or bitcoiners

the one where some guy overheated his house with mining rigs and had to be hospitalized from heat exhaustion


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