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What would you do if one random day an animal starts talking to you in a language you can understand?

talk back?

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What's the latest thing that made you smile? ?❤

I had a good conversation with a certain someone until dawn
made me smile a lot

do you believe love exists ?

I’d like to say yes but I know it’s just our brains producing happy chemicals related to some people so no

How can you make your relationship with your partner happier and healthier??

listen to what each other has to say and set clear boundaries
don’t disrespect each other
be kind and understanding
speak up about your worries and the things you don’t like
drop their ass if you see any red flags

Do you love your family? What does your family mean to you?

My family are important people who care about me and support me no matter what. Obviously I would do anything for them as well. I love my family.

Are you the type who likes selective posts on feed or all followings?

I only like posts that I actually like or think are cool

I can't do well in life, how?

depends how you define doing well in life.
for someone being successful is to be a mother or to play games all day and have no other needs or wants, or maybe it’s to bake cookies for the rest of their life or maybe to just not decide and do whatever their impulses do to them.
first decide what you think would make you happy/content and then do it

If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

haha I’d probably try to get to know them tbh and if we vibe, we vibe


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