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I'm getting older day by day, my life at this age is not rationally satisfying what i need. Do you feel the same?

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Everyone feels this at some point of time, you're going through bad day or bad time.. So start doing things you love or which makes you feel better. Just try to stay busy as much as possible coz if you will be free all the time.. You will start getting negative thoughts which will worsen your situation.
I hope it helps :)

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What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?

I broke my first mobile phone.. And for me that was very expensive to me. It was not a new phone though.. My aunt user it and the gave it to me but still it was very expensive to me as my whole world used to revolve around it as you all know how much phone is important for all of us.
And if you're thinking that I broke it by mistake then let me tell you that I broke it intentionally due to anger, I threw it on the flood with force and it broke into pieces, I still regret that decision of mine and I still feel bad for what I did but yeah, that was the most expensive thing I broke!
This is my first answer here, so I hope you liked it.
Thank you for passing by :)

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Whats the most expensive thing youve ever broken