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Kak udah persiapan buat kuliah belum?

Speaking of persiapan kuliah, sebenernya aku udah berusaha untuk mempersiapkan sejak dini which is kelas 1 SMA. But it got scattered a little bit in the middle of the process, but then I regained my guts to straight keep this goal as a reality. Long story short, apakah udah persiapan/belum, jawabannya udah. InshaAllah impian diiringi usaha dan doa akan sampai ke orangnya. InshaAllah. InshaAllah.

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Bagi yang tidak paham, bungas itu artinya cantik/cakep/tampan. #RahasaCantikJenicaDanTari

Jenica Jeáns

Iya pang kaitu ^ ;)

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kak share makeup untuk liburan dong, kan pasti skrg lg summer kan dan gampang keringetan. ada tips&triknya gak? makeup apa aja yg kakak pake kalo lg liburan? dijawab yaa kak makasihh

Kak, is that really hard to get new friends?

For me personally, yes. Because I see friendship as a commitment. And not all people are ready to commit to a thing or two. Friendship is complex, where all dramas and struggles and tears and all are mixed and create a bond to form each individual in it to hand in hand help each other out. I try to keep my circle small, but full of things I want in friendship: loyalty and support. It really takes time for me to find—well, at least—a new friend. The thing is, although I don't befriend all people, but I try to be friendly to all, because even though they aren't my friends, but they deserve to receive good treats and compliments. That's my personal view though.

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Welcome back di smansa kak Tariii<3

Terima kasih!
It's nice to be back though, even with a slightly new concept of Smansa. Here's to our togetherness for the rest of the year, Smansa 55, and here's to the kick-off of the new "rollercoaster phase".

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Kak, di sini ( kok kamu tinggian ya? Caranya gmn tuh hehe

Because I grow up too like you guys??

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Kak, emang di TedxTalks ada yg ngebahas tentang procrastinator? Mau doong linknyaa

Kak Tariii apa kabarnya di Balikpapan?

Physically, I become so allergic with dust. Mentally, I become quite stressful yet relaxed about the upcoming school year in Smansa. Financially, I try my best to save my money as much as possible for the sake of the future preferences. Socially, I feel loved and to love for the mutual relationships with others. Religiously, I become less religious but I still stay on my ground and always will. And that's about it.

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kak gimana ceritanya akhirnya bisa memutuskan untuk berhijrah/berjilbab dan hal apa yang bisa meyakinkan kakak??? :)

Aku belum berjilbab maupun berkhimar. Aku masih sebatas berhijab. (Ingat loh jilbab, khimar, dan hijab itu beda)

Mungkin kalau ukurannya teman-teman yang sudah "berpakaian takwa", aku belum ada apa-apanya, atau bahkan masih dianggap "berpakaian tetapi telanjang" (e.g., jilboobs, jipon).

Bentuk hijrahku BELUM di aspek pakaian, mungkin. Tapi siapa sih yang bisa menilai sejauh mana suatu makhluk sudah berhijrah selain Tuhan Yang Maha Esa dan diri makhluk berakal itu sendiri?

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haloo kak kalo liburan 2 bulan, enaknya isi waktu apa ya?? part time enaknya dimana daerah jakarta?? heheh makasih kak

Aku gak berdomisili di Jakarta.

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kenapa tempat-tempat wisata di daerah/kota perlu dilestarikan dan dijaga??

Supaya daerah setempat punya bobot tersendiri. Supaya masyarakat setempat gak nganggur. Supaya daerah setempat dikunjungin banyak orang > pendapatan daerah meningkat > kaya raya.

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halo kak menurut kakak, tempat wisata di tengah kota seperti kampung pelangi di malang perlu dilestarikan? apa tidak mengganggu kenyamanan kota tsb??

Kamu bukan peserta duta/putri/putra wisata daerah setempat yang sneaking jawaban untuk seleksi interview dengan juri kan?

Let me tell you.
Yang berpotensi mengganggu kenyamanan kota bukan kampungnya, tapi kebiasaan masyarakat atau pengunjung kampung tersebut (membuang sampah sembarangan, tidak tertib, dan/atau aktivitas vandalisme seperti perusakan fasilitas umum dsb). Kalau kreativitas kampung pelangi berasal dari ide anak bangsa, kenapa mesti dimusnahkan? Ya dilestarikan dong!

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Hey, i am the one who get excited to see ur story on instagram, happy fasting!

Why does everyone say like this to me...
But thank you. I appreciate it the way you appreciate my story on instagram (but why people).

Ramadan Kareem for Muslims all around the world! Make fasting this year be meaningful and full of mutual interaction spiritually and socially. Make the moment count!

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What is the bigest problem that you ever had?

I think this problem doesn't solely belong to me as a personal matter, but this has come to ruin about pretty much many people, that "that people" don't put much interest in quitting all the shits resonate to religious beliefs.

You know what, I think there have been thousand thoughts out there which argue about this idea and criticize each point in time-appropriate order. My only thing to say is that, just don't make yourself seem less innocent by making others seem more sinful. You can most likely throw your own dirts on your white shirts rather to slam the mud on others' legit dirts protective attire.

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tari klo lagi bosen dipas dirumah ... Kamu ngapain yaaaa sharing dong heheehe

Rolling about the St. Louis Art Museum today with my host sister and spotted this casually speaking art by a contemporary artist. I was impressed.

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Kak apa sih tips buat seleksi tahap 2?

Just don't rely on someone else's tips. Create your own tips. Potentially speaking, you're different with others. Seriously, just be you.

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Kak Tari cerita waktu seleksi tahap 1 dulu gimana dong hihi

Hahahaha it was mixed. Alright, I'm going to give you some answers from certain level of necessaries, and feel free to disregard the one(s) that you feel you don't need to know.

1) "I loved my almamater" kind of day. Although the rule allowed the participants to wear any clothes they wanted as long as they were acquired dresscodes (formal & not skin-exposing), I chose wearing my white-grey school uniform, because I just simply wanted to get rid of any unnecessary inappropriateness. And when I came to the test place on that day, yes, I really looked so not-ready for the day because my hijab was my emergency, messy kind of hijab. "You look lame!" Thanks, but it was true.
2) I was not wearing socks for my shoes. And it was raining. Water was pretty much in my shoes. Feel free to imagine it.
3) I didn't have water to drink until lunch time. I nearly suffocated my own self.
4) I lost one of my hijab pins in the school musholla for dhuhr prayer during the break time. I totally realized after I did wudhu. You can tell how much high-maintenance I was afterward to preserve my hijab 'normality'.
5) The student desk where I had during the test was quiet dusty and I madly found a spider walking out of the desk drawer. I, however, tried being professional still in addressing my madness. I kept sitting on my chair, and with full of unexpected guts, I flicked the spider away to the floor. World problem was solved.
6) Weeks before the test I broke up with my ex but we still maintained our relationship through some shits in our chats. He asked me whether or not he should pick me up after the test. I said no, but he said yes. I couldn't deny afterward. Yes. He picked me up, he showered me with so many damn questions about the test that I just took in our damn way to my home. Weeks after this, we totally finished. Literally finished.
7) The good thing was, I felt really good about the test. Not because it was easy, but I was so sure in myself that I could go through it. And, voila.

Even though my first selection day was not fancy at all, but what brought me up to this level was the strong feeling between what I know and what I believe. It worked, and always works.

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maaf baru buka askfm anjhanie, gini tugasnya . Saya disuru buat kalimat direct-indirect, dari 1.statment, 2.Question,3. Command . Contoh kalimatnya sprti ini ( question : - she asked, will he give me apresent,-she asked if he would give her a present) Jadi masing2, jd 6 kalimat deh dri 3 contoh

I get it, I get it. You're just too lazy to surf the internet for something that can be useful for you. I suppose you're lacked of interest in finding the source of learning. Here, here, I give you one:

Good luck.

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Kalo basingnya aku cinta kamu apa ya?

You got to be kidding me.

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anjhanie, bisa ga tolong bantu tugas basing aku ?

Don't mind at all.

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What are the best remedies for someone who has just been dumped?

Music. Music has all the solutions. Alter your music patterns.
Either we live everyday in music or music that lives in us, it can be such a relief for someone who's been dumped, and a wham as well for someone who just dumped.

Lately one of my relatives was dumped by her boyfriend. She was quiet melancholy in her relationship. Her boyfriend mistreated her feelings and sorts. Since the inevitable dramatic scene took place, she, now, kind of alters her music from Kehlani to Paramore. And yes, it changed her.

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ya tp aku aja masi bingung klo dijelasin guru tentang grammar, pdhl suda buka youtube tar . Tpi kok masi ga nyantol di otak ya kalo tentang grammar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Grammar is the hardest past.

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mantannya ampuh dio pinter2 + cakep ya haha, km sama shadira kan . shadira ke italy . Km ke usa . Gooddddddd :$$$$

Gak ada hubungannya. Mantan ya mantan, prestasi ya prestasi, tampang ya tampang.

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tar selama km di usa? apa perbedaan mendasar yg km rasakan ? semisal kangen ortu / shbt gituuu???

Jarang makan nasi. Gak pake minyak kayu/minyak telon. Gak pernah makan sambel terasi. Gak pernah liat motor bebek/2tak/4tak keliaran di mana-mana. Itusih yang mendasar tapi ngena.

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#jenicadantarifriendshipgoals #bff #bestfriendforever HAHAHAHAH. EH IYA BTW MAKASIH DOANYA. Hari ini aku uda mulai UAS dan selama sebulan kedepan bakal ujian terus sampe akhirnya ketemu UN😤😤😤

Jenica Jeáns

Pertemuan yang bikin hati gak enak, tapi kalo udah ketemu lega:
1. Ketemuan buat putus
2. Ketemu UN

Hahay jayus.

Break a leg! ❤❤❤

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