Ask @annagrace23003:

What do you do when you feel like your life is falling apart. What do you do when you slowly watch your friends drift away from you. When you watch yourself go into this bottomless pit. How the fuck do you escape this feeling, no matter how much you smile or laugh it is always there, how?

It’s called depression. But hey they aren’t really your friends if they just leave . You e just gotta try to be your happiest I went through it once . And it gets better along the way . I thought I’d never have anyone there for me then god put someone in my life he will put one in yours too . It will all work out

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if you play sports and someone on your team has a bf and she’s cheating on him with the dude you’re talking to and her bf finds out breaks up with her, you get upset with her and the dude you liked the two boys fight because of her and months later you and her ex talk is that ok since they broke up?

Yes if you really like him . As long as she’s not your friend . But then again why would you want a hoes leftovers ?

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