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Hello there! Can you tell me what Anna means with 'H.E.L.L.A.T' and 'T.O.U.B.L.T' in Bubble Trip?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I forget to check on this often since I don't receive many questions m(_ _)m
As for BUBBLE TRIP lyrics, I've been trying to find a meaning for those initials since I first heard the song, but I can't find anything! D: I guess it's something Anna made up when writting the lyrics and she's the only one that knows! xD

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When do you think we will see the video for Lucifer? I really can't wait :) I got a good feeling about this song. I love it when she goes dark :)

Oh! I'm really sorry I didn't see this question before! My ask notifications don't very well, to be honest u.u
Well since we already have LUCIFER's music video in youtube, I don't think it's necessary to add anything else :)

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How long are Anna's concerts on average? 30 to 40, 40 to 60, or more? When I hear about a concert from her, I only see her sing about 45 mins.... Is that normal for Japanese singers?

It depends. If it's a tour concert usually she sings for two hours (maybe? I'm not really sure), she sings many songs. But if it's a festival or something like that, where Anna is not the only artist singing, she usually sings for 30 or 45 minutes. It's not only common in Japan, it's common everywhere I think.

By the way, so sorry for the late reply! m(_ _)m

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Anna had a band called Spin Aqua before she started her solo career. The music was great, why did she stop the band?

She got pregnant with her first kid, Sky ^^

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Hello :] I have a few questions concerning Anna's songs: Where does the name "Lucy" come from? What does she means with friends that are "not too small to see"? (No Way) Thanks for the answer!

Somebody asked the same thing about LUCY a few months ago! But I have no idea why Anna decided to name the song like that. Maybe I'll try to ask her staff and see if they can tell me :)

As for NO WAY lyrics, she's not talking about friends, she's talking about the "precious things" inside her. The sentence is: "They are not much too small to see, but I have precious things in me".

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Will Anna be performing at Tokyo crazy Kawaii this year or is the TCK homepage just not up to date?

The lineup for Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris 2014 was not announced yet ^_^

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Any idea where I can find Anna's performance on Animelo Summer Live 2013 online? I read that she was there.

I think both rose and Switch On! performances were on YouTube a few months ago, when Animelo was broadcasted on TV... But I'll look for it later anyway :)

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Do you think she will ever release another full album. It's been four years since her last. Sugar palm is awesome though. But those songs should have gone on a full album. They are so good.

I have hopes that we'll have a full album by the end of the year, but I'm not sure lol
I agree with you, Sugar Palm is so good but she should have included more songs so it would have been a full album...

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When she tours next. Does her web site offer E tickets so I can print it off instead of worrying about it coming through in the post.

Sorry, I have no idea about the tickets. And it will probably take a while for Anna to do a new tour, since she finished her last one on March :)

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¡Hola! ¿Podrías ayudarme a promocionar este pequeño artículo donde hablo de la gran Anna Tsuchiya? Gracias, no dudes en echarle un vistazo :)

Ahí lo tienes! ;)
Si quieres mi sincera opinión, me ha gustado bastante tu artículo, aunque quizá habría mencionado que el motivo por el cual Spin Aqua desapareció fue porque Anna se quedó embarazada de su primer hijo. Y habría comentado también el resto de las canciones de Sugar Palm, que aunque sean antiguas, están grabadas en vivo y con nuevos arreglos. Por lo demás, enhorabuena por tu artículo :3

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Muchas gracias por los respuestas!.... Pero como puedo pagar con PayPal? Solo es una pagina japonaise con credit card, SoftBank, Auone y docomo.... Ô_Ô

A lo mejor no se puede. Yo pagué con tarjeta, así que no sé cómo puedes pagar con PayPal. De todas formas, siempre puedes mandar un mensaje a Atsushi Sato, miembro del staff de Anna, a través de ANNA's HEART y preguntarle, que sabrá más que yo. Siempre se esfuerza por responder en inglés, así que no necesitas ni explicárselo en japonés ^^

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Hola, queria que registrar para el Rosey Web, pero no se la diferéncia entre "prefecture" y "municipality". Puedes que explicar, por favor?

Prefecture es como la zona de tu país en la que vives. Por ejemplo, si vives en España podrías poner: "Madrid" o "Barcelona", por ejemplo. Municipality es el municipio. Puedes vivir en una ciudad (en tal caso, deberías poner lo mismo que en prefecture), o en un pueblo que esté dentro de esa prefectura.

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Son las informaciones de rosey web en japonaise o en ingles?

En japonés, pero realmente no es necesario conocer el idioma para entender lo que escribe el staff. El botón de "translate" disponible debajo de cada post es muy útil ^^

View more My fave are: Done then Romany then Carry On then SB It is hard for me to choose too! :P

I knoooow right? ;) I can't wait for more HIDER stuff!

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Do you know if you can buy any Anna physical CDs in America?

I don't live in America so I'm not sure if you can buy Anna's CD in shops... But you can always buy them in Amazon, CDJapan or YesAsia

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Hello there :)! You wrote that for Rosey Web it does not matter where you live. If you live in Europe, can you still take part in lotteries? And if there are news about Anna, will you get a translated version into English or your mother tongue?

I think the lotteries are for everyone, since it's a premium service and we pay for it. But of course you can't expect to win tour tickets because we're not in Japan. As for the news translated, I don't think so because Anna's staff can't speak English very well (and much less speak Italian or French for example). But if you have doubts you can always send a private message to Atsushi Sato, the member of the staff who updates Anna's news on the Internet. He's nice and every time he answered me he made an effort and did it in English.

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What are your fave Hider songs in order?

Ugh, that's complicated!! I think my first one is DONE, that's for sure, but the other 3... Let's see, I'll say SB, CARRY ON, and ROMANY! What about yours? :3

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In "under my mask" Anna says something about self-destruction, right? So I wondered whether she ever hurt herself?

She never tried to kill herself, if that's what you're asking. Anna had a really bad time back when she was a teen model, but she stayed strong.

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Noooooooo, I missed the third episode of the show Anna plays in! Can't find it on dailymotion. Is there and way I can watch it?

I don't understand "do you really know what freedom is? Is it like a pink spider?". Is it something I don't get? Something she's referring to? Or is it just a metaphor she used 'just because'? ^^

I don't know either! I guess what she means is that animals are free, like fishes or spiders, but people are not free :) But that's only my opinion, I'm not sure.

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I heard that Anna has a new mini album coming out! Is there much news on it?

Yes. It's coming out on her 30th birthday (March 11th) and it will feature Melt Into Blue and UP TO YOU, two songs that we could only hear before in her concerts, plus a new song (untitled yet) and live versions of some of her old songs like Brave Vibration or her cover STAYIN' ALIVE. Also it will come with a DVD where we can see three of her performances at her Unplugged Tour 2012, and a special photo card (or photobook, I'm not sure), all in a special box packaging. More info here
I believe the cover and full tracklist will be revealed in a few weeks ^^

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Is there anywhere that I can listen to ROMANY?

Nope! Sorry, you'll have to wait a bit for the audio until someone leaks it ^^

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Es "Romany" el mismo que "SB" ó un song differente?

Es una canción diferente. El single de "SB" incluye "SB" y "ROMANY" como canciones. Aún no hay audio para escuchar ROMANY, pero pronto lo habrá :)

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Hay un recordio de Anna's "rolling in the deep"?

No, lo siento :(

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Does Anna ever have a day off oO? I see so many interviews, tv shows and else every day that I really wonder if she ever has a second for herself?

Yeah she have days off, sure :) She have to take care of her children and she usually uses those days off to spend time with her family ^^
Let's say she sometimes have months when she's so busy and some months with more days off!

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