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whats your vibe rn?

Definitely sad and struggling currently sorry I’ve been gone for so long

Are you as crazy as I think you are?

It’s like an I not allowed to have a happy ecstatic personality? Do you understand how hard it is to even overcome a fk ton of misdiagnosis’s? You can fuck off with this opinion.

Imagine this, you talk to my friend behind my back... Then you play with both of our feelings and now your alone🤣

Why can dudes do this and girls can’t? Can you even be taken seriously? Who are you?

When is the last time you were asked out on a date?

A lot of people ask me on dates but I never trust them enough to go out with them

I tried to find your contacts but when you told me that you were mad at me I cried because I love you and I deleted your contact number so that way I wouldn’t have emotionally been triggering myself knowing that someone I love didn’t want to speak with me


To stay or to go is really the only question

If you’re not present in somebody’s life then leave if they think you’re gone. Do not create mental torture for both of you.

If someone who lives 3.5 hours away from you text you that they were/are in your area would you consider them a stalker?


Everybody loves you

Stop lying my closest of people have hanged up on me and bullied me since forever I don’t take compliments even for this reason

I can’t stand how fake you are. It’s truly disgusting.

I wonder who this is directed toward I know it ain’t me 😂

What if someone knows my debit card number and CVV number?

Call the IRS and police, have them shot and expose their links.

Would you be in a safe polyamory relationship in the thousands?

If it creates maintenance that has never existed then fine. But I’m not okay with it. 😡


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