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What's your favourite memory?

erinaree’s Profile PhotoErin Marie
I have so many. I spend a lot of time in my memory. I don't think I can pin it down to just one - I don't have a "my wedding day!" or "the birth of my child!" type favourite memory. Lots of my favourite memories end up in my writing, sometimes verbatim, and they're almost always a few moments spent with someone I adore.
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Agree. It's hard to escape though, especially in the workplace. There's a lot of pressure to participate in sweeps and stuffs for, you know, team building :(

Definitely! Every workplace I've been in has had a Melbourne Cup sweep (sometimes not optional). I do think it feels like the attitude towards it is shifting, though, do you? My feeds have more "Melbourne Cup is bad!" content this year than ever before.

Have you ever placed a bet on the Melbourne Cup and won something?

Yes, but not for many years because horse racing is a dangerous and cruel sport that relies on gambling culture to stay afloat. What's to like?
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I haven't read the Paper House, though I have watched the Film Paper Giants by the Australian Broadcast Corporation ABC. Does the book have a lot of illustration. I'll be looking for submissions soon for an online adaptation of the traditional Children's book. Keith Joseph Margate

No, no illustrations. It's a literary fiction book for adults.

Do you think The Paper House is one of the best books of 2016?

I guess that depends how long the list is. I think it's definitely in the top 100,000 best books of 2016.

What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?

elisekumar’s Profile PhotoElise Kumar
Ali Smith's Autumn. I would recommend it, but with the caveat that it's like a very long poem and you might very well get to the end and think "I don't know what that was, but sometimes the order of the words was extremely lovely", as I did.
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What happened to The Pay Gap?

It's still in feasibility study stage. The digital publishing landscape has changed a LOT since it was conceived so I'm working on several different framework concepts to see which one is the least likely to bankrupt me 😊

How do ~you~ eat a vanilla slice? I tip it on its side (easier to cut), get all the slicing done, then fork the delicious mess into my mouth. I was given a huge fork & steak knife with one at a cafe once. My friend was appalled but I was thrilled - that pastry is damn hard to cut.

Eating vanilla slice is FRAUGHT WITH DANGER. I also tip it on its side, so the custard doesn't all squish out. Sometimes I take the lid off and eat that on its own first though.

What career/job aspirations did you have when you were 15?

erinaree’s Profile PhotoErin Marie
I wanted to quit school to build websites and write stories. This is what I do now, as a 33-year-old, so it seems everything's worked out.
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Tell me about your career field. :)

I sit without pants at a desk I bought when I had a real job, and think about why sparrows, and daytime, and crawling into small spaces, and when to eat icecream, and why some people don't indicate, and homesickness, and love, and tiny dogs, and how to apply nail polish, and the kind of people who shop at newsagents, and the way trees move, and busting someone masturbating, and standing in supermarket queues, and noodles, and how we listen, and what despondency looks like, and which finger is left out when hands are intertwined, and oranges, and standing on clifftops, and baby otters, and what are full stops for, and that time on that beach, and the best way to love old boyfriends, and flour mills, and the best way to hate old boyfriends, and churchyards, and train stations, and the quiet crackle of a cigarette drag, and pergolas, and what dads smell like, and how to turn pages, and what happens on couches, and how to talk to butchers, and what it might be like to have six brothers, and bricks, and adjusting someone else's driver's seat, and pizza toppings, and what colour is charcoal, and how to mix cakes, and turning a clock forward, and a girl you once knew, and getting a table for four, and the reverse side of a hospital shower curtain, and winking, and standing up in church, and things that burn down, and internet videos, and why some people are famous, and the sound the dry desert makes when the sun goes down, and being attacked by geese, and paint brushes, and the soft part behind your ear where your brain is exposed, and knitting needles, and a Ferrari, and why to drive down hills, and how to eat a vanilla slice, and how to talk to someone in a kiosk, and what your hand does when juice bottles go "pop!", and what my grandfather's skin felt like, and burying avocado seeds, and men who are naked, and swans, and paddle boats, and being stalked, and going to a motorcycle race, and eating a sandwich in the shade, and eye drops, and bamboo, and being in a rotunda, and Good Friday, and all the different colours of guinea pigs, and how fast train doors open, and when to say goodbye, and treble clefs, and buying someone a star, and afternoon tea, and how it would feel to be eaten by a wombat.

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Do you ever just look at your book and sigh happily?

I actually did this morning. But mostly I look at it and feel stressed that I forgot to do something 😀

Do you have any reliable article related to mental issues that you can share? :)

Do you find them generally unreliable? What sort of info are you after?

OMG! HOW DO YOU BECOME GOOD AT SKILL TESTERS? SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT I AM SO EXCITED. I'll understand if you don't want to reveal any secrets, of course, but I've been trying to grab this lil bunny in one for weeks :( I've probably spent 5x what it's worth too. And am on my way to developing RSI.

I can't tell you. This is the only heirloom I can offer to my children.

Do ya reckon it's a bad sign if a publisher hasn't got back to me after a couple of months, after showing interest?

There is honestly just no way to know. It depends on all the other things they have going on and how long it usually takes them to respond to things. It's definitely not the same as if you'd been waiting for two years.

Sam Neill: "I don't really want to see Adelaide being a place to go for a good weekend". What should we do about this disgusting man?

Put his body in a barrel I guess.
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