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Zoey the penguin❤
Tried to not love_
Tried to restrain my heart
The more my heart struggles the nore I can't hold back
Love you with all my heart_
Tried to not think abt you
Tried to divert my attention
But in the end my heart lost to someone I shouldn't have_
The more I tried to restrain my heart _the more it wavers
Why does it have to be like that??
I want to erase the attachment I feel for you
The more it hurts the more I love _I don't understand
The more I hate you the more I see you_
Why do I have to love you?? I ask my own heart why??why???
I shouldn't love_¤
Can you get out of my life??
If that day i didn't waver my heart didn't rupture like this today
The more I restrain my heart the more it wavers
《Waves of life》

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Is it possible to judge a person well by his answers on

Zubayr Rafik chohan
Nah I don't think so
Phli bt tu ye ky apko kisi ko judge krna he nhi chahiye u don't have the right to do so
Dosri bt ky social media py bht km logh wo houty h jo real me houty h zada fake houty hain
R ap kisi ky aik do answers se usko jaan nhi skty kiuky soch tu bht se logoun ki achi houti h lkn uspy amal bht km logh krty h nowadays!!!!!!

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Jb insan ek dfa kise say dhoka kha lay to kea usay dubara kise pay etbar krna chaheay ??

Bilkul karna chaheye
Hr shaks aik jesa nhi houta agr das beghairt logoun se wasta pry tu 3 achy bndy bhi mil jaty h
R itna andha aitbar nhi kro
Aitbar kro zaror lkn ankhen bhi khuli rakho muhtat rahou logoun se

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Is there any person you are afraid of?

Husnain Ehsan
Nah I stopped being afraid of people
I m afraid of my Creator only
Izat or zilat Allah ky hath me h tu logoun se kya darna
Back when I was afraid of people that was just because they were so close that I fear thy would hurt me and thy actually did
So now I don't trust people and no one is that close to do such
I trusted in Allah and He never broke it ♥♥♥♥

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Annayya khurram so kind of you for so many likes..:) Mn return karu ga IA. Aik confusion hai🤞 idr mostly log likes wapis leny k liyea like krty, ap ko posts achi lgi to like kiye kia? Mn chahta hn k us k bary m itna likhun k log betab ho jayen us k bary m janny k liyea.

Arsalan Badar
Ur writings were so damn amazing and some like felt so relateable thats why I liked them
So heart touching those were
May Allah bless you and give u sakoon AMEEN
bht taqleef houti h logoun ko is trhan mentally suffer krty dekhty hovy apny jese logh dekhna bht mushkil houta h so u don't need to return them
Allah apki zindagi me asaniyan paida kry ameen!!!

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Things we have to learn??

◆To let people live their life as they wanted to
◆to stop criticising people on what thy wear or what thy do
◆to give others space
◆we have to learn to stop being judgemental cuz we are not the ones walking in their shoes , we don't know what thy are going through
◆learn to respect other people feelings and consider them a human also

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