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Cerita pengalaman horor kuy

kalo gw sendiri sih ga ada yaa tapi kalo family sih banyak one of it yg bikin serem itu
one day my fam n i travel to malang without any reservation in any hotel and itu like high season so we try to find a room that is available, hotel2 yang bagus udah sold out smua then we got 1 hotel yang really itu kyk 1 star hotel(not budget) tp yg jelek bgt then we booked 2 rooms 1 for me and my parents since i was still little that time and 1 for my bro n sis, but they decided not to sleep there karna hotel itu was scary af. so the 5 of us slept in one bed. my bro was in the edge of the bed and he was barely awake at about 4 a.m, he opens his eyes and saw someone sitting in the chair next to him, cz he barely awake so he thought it was my mom praying.. the next day he asked my mom and yes my mom wasnt praying that morning.. so anyone can guess who is it? 🤪

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kalo dikantor suka minder sm temen" aku yg lebih good looking, yg lebih cantik, yg lebih dapet perhatian orang-orang kantor. gimana ya caranya biar bisa pede dengan diri sendiri?

love yourself, be grateful sama apa yang kamu punya. what u have belom tentu orang lain punya❤️ focus on urself aja, u still have ur parents who love u so much, ada friends yang care about u so dont let others make u feel like shit❤️

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