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A question from you people. I couldn't restrain whether I did right or wrong. Kal aik patient aaya. He said k mene kafi bachon ko physically abuse kia hai. Or khud bhe victim reh chuka hn s abuse ka. Writing it shortly in shout-out. I wrote some meds but personally I hated him inside. Thoughts?

aNaughtyGirl69’s Profile PhotoDr. Muntaha
I would've reported him to the authorities kiuke agar ik takleef se ap guzar chukay ho tou wo kiu ap kisi aur ko dogay? It's just inhumane and messed up. Plus usse report krwanay se atleast uski side se aur bachay abuse na hotay. People don't change yaar.

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Motivate me to study, please! 🥺

ReemXYZ’s Profile PhotoReemXYZ
It's a beautiful sunday morning. You're out with your kids. You are window shopping and find a beautiful bag. It's the prettiest bag that you've ever seen. It's 5 thousand over your budget. You can't buy it this month because you already overspend last month and made your husband upset. You're getting upset because just for 5 thousand rupees you'll give up on something that caught your attention and you dearly want it. It's been ages since you've bought something for yourself but it's either your luxuries or your kids go to school. You can't have both in just one income. So babe if you want both, go study hard so that you don't depend on anyone to buy you your luxuries.

Filter hai ya paint?

What's your obsession with filters and who uses them? Jiska jo dil hai woh, wo kray ga. Kisi ko smooth skin chahye tou uski marzi. Meri marzi filter laga k bhaalo bano ya massi. I want to look like that. Tumharay khubsurati k mayar pe ni utar raha kuch tou ignore kro us cheez ko na kay question kro usse.

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Ju Chor Kr Chaly Jaty Hai Na Wo Sasty Log Hoty Hai Or Sasty Logo K Liye Mehngy Ansu Nhi Bhaye Jaty..

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais"
Mein phir buhat hi sasti houn. 😐🤔


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