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I wish you a wonderful day. I hope you can always smile and feel good❄.

vane0432’s Profile PhotoᏉ.
Aw, that’s very sweet! Thank you! I wish the same for you 😄
I wish you a wonderful day
I hope you can always smile and feel good

How would you describe your connection to nature? Do you enjoy being near flora and fauna? 🌲🦋🌻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’d say I have a fairly strong connection to nature! I love being outdoors whenever possible.
It just brings me a sense of calmness, and helps me with concentration. A lot of times, I’ll go for a walk if I want to refocus, or have a few moments to myself to reflect, especially if there’s a lot going on in my life.
I’ve always been an anxious person, even as a child, and nature has been one of the main things that’s helped ease my anxiety a lot. And also, it’s just a natural happiness boost for me, in general!
Also, I am that person who takes a TON of landscape/flower pictures. I find essentially everything in nature to be picture worthy. And I clog up my camera roll in doing so… 😂
How would you describe your connection to nature Do you enjoy being near flora

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When you buy new clothes do you wash them first before you wear them?

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Yes, I always wash my clothing before I wear it. It’s something my parents always did when I was growing up, and now I feel like it’s more of a habit than anything. It feels almost wrong not to. 😆
When you buy new clothes do you wash them first before you wear them
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How many pairs of shoes do you own?

BonesAngela’s Profile Photo#SWEET
Currently, I only own like 4 pairs of shoes. Mostly because there are very few shoes that are actually comfortable for me (thanks to chronic pain/inflammation).
My favorite shoes to wear are anything with a heel, whether that’s high heels, boots with a heel, etc… If I could, I would wear heels way more often than I do.
How many  pairs of shoes  do you own
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Do you think you get more attention with or without a profile picture of yourself?

With a profile picture, I definitely get more attention than I ever did without one.
But, I think at least having people see pictures of me, regardless of if I share identifying information or not, is better than being completely anonymous. As total anonymity tends to make people quite suspicious, and with good reason.
Do you think you get more attention with or without a profile picture of
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What is something you don’t mind paying more money for?

Makeup… It’s one of the only things I’m willing to purchase, even if it’s fairly expensive. I don’t do it often, as I’m hyperaware of my spending habits, but it could very easily get out of hand if I let it! 😅
What is something you dont mind paying more money for
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What about you? How do you think a world inhabited by clones of you would look like? 😝😁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, for one thing, the beauty industry would be like the biggest industry in the world, as everyone would be obsessed with hair, makeup, skin care, clothing, etc… Also, everyone would be wearing dresses all the time.
People would be constantly full of creative ideas, and you’d find them writing, painting, drawing, or coming up with some crazy storyline for their Sims game. And since one of my main love languages is gift giving, I bet the world would be full of people coming up with unique gifts to surprise each other with!
However, I would say the medical field would struggle A LOT to keep up and provide proper care for everyone, if they required as much medical intervention as I do. It’d also be crazy expensive to do so.
And literally everyone would just be stumbling around all the time, cause I’m incredibly clumsy and I trip over my own feet a lot. 😂
Also, I bet, like your world, there would need to be a lot more electricity as I both play video games, and am on my phone or computer an awful lot. And resources would be running out quickly.
The last thing I think would be rather… interesting about a world full of my clone is, the population wouldn’t be growing at all 😆 Cause I’m asexual, so there’d be no reproduction of any kind happening. Which, not gonna lie, would be better for the planet, but also, it sounds apocalyptic cause that’s the polar opposite of our current world.

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What about you How do you think a world inhabited by clones of you would look

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What is a random thing that gives you anxiety?

grismob_’s Profile PhotoBHonest
Ordering food/drink. Whether that’s at a restaurant, a fast food place, a coffee shop, etc… I always feel like people are judging what I’m ordering or that I’ve ordered too much.
It’s gotten to the point, at times, where I will change what I want at the last second, so I end up ordering less than what I actually wanted. Or I will get something “healthier” so I can ease the anxiety that people are judging my choices.
I don’t really understand why, but I’ve had this problem for most of my life. It’s honestly a very difficult habit to break.
What is a random thing that gives you anxiety

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On a scale of 0-10, how well can you write cursive?

As of currently? Probably like a 5. I’d definitely be quite rusty as I haven’t had the need to write cursive (outside of my signature 😆) in years. I’m glad I learned it, I guess, but it’s not really a skill I need to keep up with.
On a scale of 010 how well can you write cursive
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Are you sometimes forgetful? What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose things when you're out and about? 🥴🤦‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am forgetful, yes! A lot more than I’d like to be, honestly.
I tend to forget where I put things, like my phone, keys, wallet, etc… Sometimes I forget to bring something from home all together. Or I’ll set something down, thinking I’ll remember, and then I end up leaving it. 🥴
To fix this, I often keep reminders on my phone of important things I need take with me, or that’s on my to-do list. I even leave sticky notes for myself as extra reminders! That way if I’m not looking at my phone, it doesn’t completely slip my memory.
As for remembering where I put stuff, I do try to stay fairly organized and put everything back in the same spot so it’ll be harder to forget where I last left it. Also, if it helps, store everything that’s essential to bring with you by your front door, so it’s within eyesight when you’re leaving.
And then, I have one more weird tip, but it might be helpful… Use mnemonics. Like a catchy phrase to help you remember everything. So for example, I like the phrase “Sell Milk.”
Sell- Cell phone
M- Money
I- ID card/ and any other important cards you might need for public transport, etc…
L- Lunch (if you’re packing for school/work/another event where that’s needed)
K- Keys
Might not work for everyone, but you can just make silly phrases like that! Hope that helps! 😁

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Are you sometimes forgetful What do you do to remember stuff or to not lose

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out? What is your favorite type and brand? Thank you!

It truly depends on what you’re comfortable with, and which one would suit you best. What I mean by that is, depending on your lifestyle, pads specifically, can be quite inconvenient.
An example would be, if you’re an athlete, a swimmer, a gymnast, etc… Tampons would be the most logical choice for you.
It is important to note though, that pads are significantly easier to start out with than tampons, as you have to learn how to use tampons properly, first.
Personally, I have tried both, and I almost always prefer pads. But I’m also not super physically active, and they are just more comfortable for me.
I wear the Always Maxi pads! There are a few different types, like ultra thin, super absorbency, with/without wings, etc… And I can’t really recommend a certain type just because that is something you have to test out and see what works best for you!
I really hope that helps a little, and that you are successful in finding the right thing for you! 😄

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Would you recommend pads or tampons for someone just starting out What is your

What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Therapy… It’s basically inaccessible for a majority of the population (at least, in America).
Like, it makes me so sad to think about the amount of people who could seriously benefit from therapy but can’t do it, cause they wouldn’t be able to pay for even one session.
Taking care of one’s mental health shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for a privileged few.
What do you think is needlessly expensive  Try and come up with things that

Would you take it if you had the opportunity to be immortal?

I don’t think I would, no. Especially if I was the only immortal one. Like, I think it would be a pretty miserable experience to lose everyone you ever come to know, while you live on forever. It just doesn’t sound like something I want to go through.
Would you take it if you had the opportunity to be immortal
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What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home? Maybe post a picture of one of your favorites? 🖼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This is currently my favorite picture! I really love the different colors in it, specifically the gold. I just switched up the main color scheme in my house, so this actually ties it together perfectly! ☺️
What kinds of wall decorations do you have in your home Maybe post a picture of

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Exactly!! Welcome to team askers!! ☺️ *Puts pin on your shirt* How has your test run gone so far? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, thank you! 😄 It’s gone good so far! I haven’t sent it to many people as of yet. I was overthinking what types of questions to ask, honestly! That’s probably why it’s taking me so long to branch out and actually start doing it. Also, I’m a little shy. 😅
Exactly Welcome to team askers  Puts pin on your shirt How has your test run

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What is one of your favorite accomplishments so far?

briskyfumes’s Profile Photocassiopeia
I graduated Cosmetology school, and I’m now a licensed Cosmetologist, which has been my ultimate dream and passion since I was like, 7 years old. ☺️
What is one of your favorite  accomplishments so far
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What was your latest achievement? Can be both big or small! How did it make you feel? 🏆 (Inspired by the fact I got my driver's license earlier today 🚘)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well… You’ll know about this one. 😛
I wore a two piece swimsuit in public for the first time ever, recently! And I wasn’t self conscious either, which is a huge achievement for me!
I felt so confident and happy that I decided to go out of my comfort zone and finally just do it! It was proof that I’m making progress in my body image journey.
Also, I actually felt really pretty in it, which is always a bonus, as well! 😄
What was your latest achievement Can be both big or small How did it make you
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Are you high maintenance?

jayd73’s Profile PhotoDJ
Not nearly as much as I used to be, actually!
As a teen, I was incredibly high maintenance. I always liked to be the most dressed up person in the room. Like nails done, hair done, more makeup than I’d ever wear now, and I dressed quite fancy.
Now though, I’m pretty low maintenance. I do my own nails, I get my hair done maybe twice a year at most, hardly ever wear makeup, and I dress for comfort more than anything else.
One thing the pandemic taught me was that I could feel comfortable in my body, and in my own skin, without heavily relying on those things.
Now, I just wear nice things because I like them every now and then, and not because it’s rooted in insecurity.
Are you high maintenance
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What do you usually do to wind down the night before when you know you have to get up early the next morning? 🛌🌄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
This is something I actually have a hard time with. I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me…
But here’s some tips/things I typically do in some variation to wind down before bed, just in general.
-Stay away from technology for at least an hour. No video games especially! And don’t start watching a new TV show or something that you’re capable of binging all night. Way easier said than done, I know. 😂
The stimulation from looking at a screen/being sucked into a story right before bed can keep you awake longer.
-Try doing “boring tasks” before you go to bed.
Just menial stuff that you procrastinate or dread doing, like folding laundry, or doing the dishes, or tidying up. Sometimes this actually tires me out enough to fall asleep shortly after.
-Read or write.
I can’t recommend these enough, especially if you’re feeling anxious. It just takes you out of your own head for a little bit, which can be all you need to make you sleepy.
-Listen to something that’s calming to you.
Could be anything, a podcast, music, or some kind of background noise that you can fall asleep to, even. I recommend it, again, if you’re anxious!
-Try to avoid snacking, especially on foods high in carbs and sugar… It’ll just give you more energy (at least, it does for me).
-Try meditation, incense, or just sitting quietly in a dark room for a few minutes.
Doesn’t work for everyone, but stillness/silence, and lack of stimulation can be effective in making you tired.
-Gratitude journaling.
This is something I do ALL the time. Like if I’m worrying about something coming up/something I need to do, and that’s why I can’t sleep…
I’ll just start thinking about and listing what I’m grateful for/what’s going right in my life, currently.
It keeps me grounded and reminds me that I’m okay and I can handle what’s coming.
-Make a to-do list. Weird, I know… But if you’re stressing out about all the stuff you need to get done, making a to-do list can help set your priorities straight, and give you some peace of mind.
Try categorizing tasks by how urgently they need to get done, and if you can set aside certain things to do a different day. That way you don’t feel as overwhelmed.
Hope that helps! 🙂

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What do you usually do to wind down the night before when you know you have to
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