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Ok picture this: someone sneezes and someone else says “bless you”. Do you say bless you too? Or do you say nothing since someone else already said it?

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I try to be the first one to say it to assert my dominance with the blessings
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A mum is a small portion of god's love in action. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. A mum is the bank where her children deposit all their worries and hurt… and cement that keeps her family together with love for a lifetime. You can have everything in life… but only 1 Mum.

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What flavor chocolate

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Let's go 1 on 1, where there ain't no cameras or people and "chat".... Wasup?!....

Depends on what we do

Which do you think is better to drink bottled water or tap water 💦🌊

Both depending on the area


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