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I have moments where I’m hurting and I just cry. No one understands my frustration, anger and sadness. I am trying so hard to pull myself out.

Sometimes you gotta be grateful for the people that didn’t stick around. Really shows you who’s really there for you and who’s not.

It’s always a battle between my heart and mind but usually the mind wins over. Sometimes it takes time for the heart to understand or accept the logic/reality of the mind.

Only if you knew, but I’m going to keep my distance … I need to work on myself and see things differently

I admit my ego got in the way but it didn’t mean I didn’t love you, I just didn’t know it but then you pushed me away and that hurt

And that made me hold resentment towards you. But I pray that one day I wake up to having no feelings for you, moved on and be completely detached from you. And to even remember that you ever exist in my world.

I think what hurt the most was that it was so easy for you to walk away as if I didn’t mean anything to you.


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