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Hi Anqi! can u share ur fav book?

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer!!!! reading the book was a meditative experience by itself– to be able to get to know my inner voice and detach myself from it💗 i've read it twice and it opened up my eyes like i've never thought possible!! it was so beautifully written that each words liberated me into a more conscious being🌸

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Anqi kamu journalingnya isinya apa ajaa kalau boleh tau? Dan journalnya beli dimanaa? Thankyou xx

so my last year's journal & my current journal is a bit different.. jadi pas 2018-2019 i was at my rock bottom, i felt like i had no purpose & was about to give up on everything... so i bought these sketchbooks and started drawing & jotting down every experiences of mine dari sd, smp, sma, kuliah, & i kept on asking, "who is anqi? what shapes me to be like this? why do i live? what is my purpose? what are my beliefs?" i jot down every personalities, habits and behaviour of mine, both good and bad, trus i dug deeper to find the root cause of why i was that i was, "which trauma does this connected to? which experience made me like this?" i connected every dots and tried to made sense of who i am as a person..
and by doing this for 6 months, i was then introduced with this thing called self-awareness. i was aware of my awareness.. which led me to the freedom of my being, free to be anyone i want, free to do anything, free to express my whole authentic self!! and i got all this just because i took the chance of getting to know myself deeper💗
your journal can consist of anything you want it to be!! you can use it for introspection like i did last year & see where it leads you, or like my current journal– i have one in my notes app to track any daily mental growth/achievement, & one in my GoodNotes app as a diary that consists of gratitude, life's experiences, letters to inner child & future self, and manifestations!🌸it's a personal sacred journey & see it as if you're about to get to know a best friend!! have fun exploring!!✨

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Anqi kamu journalingnya isinya apa ajaa kalau boleh tau Dan journalnya beli

Halo Ka Anqi! Aku salah satu mahasiswi psikologi, mau tanya dong gimana sih survive dengan segala tugas yg ada? Kadang bener2 penge nyerah di tengah jalan krn gakuat sama tugas2nyaa:( motivasi ka anqi dulu apaa? Thankyou ka!💖

hello hello!!! seru bgt kan psychology!! but hmm i know the struggle & nangis2 & mental breakdown karna tugas2nya :( aku jg dulu hampir give up kuliah saking stressnya.. but then aku started journaling! aku tulis aku tuh siapa sih sebenernya, for what purpose am i living for? & aku cari tau my "why".. kenapa aku masuk psychology awalnya, kenapa aku mau bantu orang, what can i contribute to the world... pas aku tau my "why", aku jadi believe that i can do anything, karna my purpose is higher than myself. so no matter what happens, i know that i am here for a reason! and every struggle i face, i see it as a gift biar aku bisa grow & level up into my best self💗 it's always the hardest when we wanna go to the next level, right!!
& my other ways to keep me motivated itu, aku everyday selalu nonton motivational videos on youtube! cause if someone can survive all the struggle, then it is possible for us too! + kamu coba daily workout deh! helped me a lot to stay energized & overcome my mental chatter. it's also tricking our mind, karna workout kan capek bgt susah, and so kalo kita masih bisa lanjut & consistent workoutnya, then we start to believe susah2 in life juga pasti bisa!! you're not alone sayang and i believe you can do it!! you are an inch close to your dreams, you got this!!💗

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Hi Anqi! Boleh tau ga alasan kamu dulu milih jurusan psikologi kenapa?

HAI HAIII! aku udah interested bgt sm psychology dari aku smp but made the final decision mau psychology di UI Inter pas kelas 10! dari aku smp i always love reading quotes, wisdom & different perspective of life from different people!!
but my love for psychology began karna pas aku smp aku sempet dibully parah bgt & i was alone gaada temen.. and ternyata pas aku main tumblr, there's a lot of people all across the world experiencing the same :( so i reached out to them, listen to their stories & cheer them up.. trus aku jadi seneng banget to have made someone's day, even when they don't know me. trus jdnya aku mau reach out to more people so i became active on omegle, trus aku minta smua orang curhat about their struggles in life & aku selalu comfort them and give any advice that i could at that time!!
even when i was alone & had no friends, i felt this genuine happiness kalo bisa temenin anyone and be there for them!! & there i realized ini smua yg aku lakuin itu psychology!! the study of the human mind, our behaviour, why we do what we do, kenapa each of us beda2 semua personality nya, so i got hungry to know more!! ever since then, aku udah fix 100% mau psychology, gamau anything else!!
i'm really passionate about people, how the mind works, how to maximize human potential, and so i'm thankful to have found & dedicate my life on psychology!!🥰

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Belajar tarot dimanaa anqi? Dan beli kartu tarot yg bagus dimanaa?

HAII aku 2014 & 2020 ikut tarot workshop lightgivers, trus aku tarot certification juga yg di jogja!
kalo yg aku study by myself itu di bagus bgt total of 10 hours video so thoroughly explained!! & i also read some books on tarot, my favorite itu bukunya biddytarot!!!! + belajar di pinterest jg seru banyak simple keywords & other pov to read the cards!
and for my tarot decks mostly belinya di TarColl tokped!!! they usually release new decks every now and then & always ready stock!!! hihi hope you're having fun on your tarot journey!!!🎉

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Belajar tarot dimanaa anqi Dan beli kartu tarot yg bagus dimanaa

Menurutmu sahabat itu seperti apa/siapa?

a true best friend is part of your soul tribe– those who wants to elevate with you, those who pushes you to grow better, those who always have your back, both in your ups and lows. those who genuinely cares for your soul & wants to see you reach your true potential. those who aren't jealous of you but rather see you as an inspiration, even in your darkest moments.
those who accepts your flaws without judgment and embrace your strengths without competition.
searching for your soul tribe isn't easy, but they're out there searching for you as much as you are for them. one way you can do to attract them into your life is by showing up everyday as your most authentic self, so they know where to find you!!💗
"in order for them to find you and recognize you when they do, it is important that you stop dimming your light and truly let yourself be seen. it is time to call in your soul family. people who get you at soul level. people who are the same kind of weird as you. people who are your chosen family. they are coming and they are looking for you."🌸

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How did you know that you fell in love with yourself?

by finally accepting & embracing all of my authentic strengths and flaws, by giving myself all the love that i used to seek out from others, by feeling a genuine love in my own bubble of universe💗– and by a sense of connection to all parts of me, from my past self to my future self🙏🏻

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+1 answer in: “When did you first fall in love?”

masuk ui nya jalur apa yaa kaa? bisa diceritainn? dan apasiih tips dan trik dari ka anqi buat adik2 yang mau nyusul ke ui? thank you ka!

Aku simak inter sygg. Bingung cerita apa :( jd tuh aku dr sma emg maunya cuman psikologi aja & aku maunya kan diluar yaa, gamau disini, tp pas aku tau ui ada yg inter & 2 tahun disini 2 tahun diluar + double degree aku jd interested bgt bnrbnr mau masuk situ. Jd pas sbmptn simak regpar, aku cmn asal kerjain gitu karna disuruh mama :( tp pas simak inter aku deg2an bgt & did my best juga aku belajar terus2an dr sebulan sebelum. Tips & trick gaada sih ya atau ngga baca answer sblm ini ajaa!! Goodluckk!

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kaa bisa cerita pengalaman gimana masuk ui nya? karena aku kelas 12 dan pgn bgt masuk ui tp kedengerannya mustahil untuk masuk ui ka, karena jujur aja aku ipa tapi pengen psikologi, karena passion aku udah disitu ka, any advices? thank you

Aduh cerita gimana ya HAHA jgn contoh aku yg dulu deh suka cabut2an les, sekolah gt jarang ngerjain tugas dll.. :( nah tp aku sebulan sblm simak aku belajar tiap hari gt les dirumaah trus gurunya pun juga enak jadi cepet ngertiii. Yg penting sih niat masuk & belajar terus bisa kok!! Atau ngga kamu les ajaa? Kusaranin sih private karna lebih bisa ngertiin, itu kl aku yaa. Nah kl psikologi tp kamu ipa, ambil di unpad aja nggamauu? Disana harus ipaa, kalo ui kan ips. & kalo kamu emg maunya ttp ui, ya kusaranin les ips? Banyak kok temenku yg tadinya ipa tp masuk psiko ui! Just do your best sajaa, goodluck!!

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kaka kuliah dimana yaa? dan jurusan apa? bisa kasih motivation dan cerita kaka ga ya buat adik2 yg lagi fight untuk perguruan tinggi? thank you:) keep inspiring!

Aku psiko ui tp nnti insyaallah feb trf ke uq brisbanee. Hmm apa ya, aku masuk psiko karna emg penasaran ttg cara mikir org kenapa org kyk gini kyk gitu, trus dulu tmn2ku jg banyak bgt yg bilang aku cocok ambil psiko karna aku sering ngasih advice (specifically about love). Jd aku dr sma pun udh pasti mau psiko, gamau ambil fakultas lain, even kl aku ga keterima aku gpp setahun nganggur buat test tahun depannya lagi.. Nah jdnya aku kl belajar pun seru karna emg aku suka. Makanya pilih fakultas yg kalian emg suka bgt & fight for that. Kalian begadang & belajar terus skrg inget aja smua itu bakal worth it kok nantinya. Yg seneng kan kalian sendiri, the hard work will pay off😊

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kaka kuliah dimana yaa dan jurusan apa bisa kasih motivation dan cerita kaka ga

Menurut lo kalo cewe yang mutusin dan ngajak balikan itu murahan gak ? trus kalo gitu biasanya cowo diem diem udah punya doi baru ya girl? plis jawab ya :")

Kl cewe yg mutusin tp akhirnya minta balikan ya gpp kok wajar, mungkin nyesel udh mutusin & baru understand the whole situation makanya balik lg. Hmm kl cowo lgsng deket cewe baru sih beda2 stiap org yaa gabisa di conclude smua cowo kyk gt.. Cmn ya liat aja kl emg punya cewe baru, then im sorry to say that its your loss. Makanya lain kali in a relationship kl mau mutusin pikir lagi jgn asal ngomonggg :(

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