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Chup chup rhne lg gye o

Betrayal was what I felt, my heart broken not just by a girl I was in love with, but also by, as I once believed, a true friend.
I remember i told her every inch of mine every emotion of mine every feel of mine. There was nothing absolutely nothing at all she could count off i gave her everything, everything she have ever wished for and guess what the worst part is she knew... she knew how afraid i was of people and of being hurt
And after all the time and effort she put into building my confidence and trust in her
-- she broke it in the worst possible way....!
Is that enough for you ma boi ?

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Ok, Say Something?

From a couple of weeks i am going to Shaukat Khanam Memorial hospital on daily basis cause my Niece is dealing with cancer, she's brave enough juss like her Chachu ansal she is fighting for it. and InshaAllah soon she ll be alright.
I swear to god if hospital will be the last place to survive on i ll accept death happily.
I dn know what will happen after today cause my niece will never be able to see from her left eye for the rest of her life cause today March 1st 2019 they are going to remove the eye ball cause the eye is damaged by the cancer.
My heart is in tears, i am trying to understand the message of almighty but i am failing it. I can not see her father crying i can not see her mother saying i dn wan another kid please save her. I can not see them or any of my family member to lose hope in almighty cause we already had enough of it
She's just 1.6 years old she is unaware of whatsgonna happen but still she is fighting for it. She kiss her father every time when she saw him crying she hug her mother every time she gets near to her mom.
I have seen a hundred cases in these 2 weeks may be
Life is really unfair to some of us it is. Beshak Allah ne ismain behtari rakhi hui hai.
INSHA ALLAH SAB THEEK HOJAE GA. may be ik pharse sa bn kay reh gaya zindagi main iknow people will judge me on this instead of judging me please pray so that i should keep my head on it and should be focused aur INSHAALLAH SAB THEEK HO JAE..ASAP

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And the fact is ______!

ع سے علی
Kay you can never undo the love you have given to someone who is not even worth it.
Ab bat pta kia hoti hai kay hum ik ese insan ko muhabbat kay qabil samjhne lag jatay hain jiski aukat gali kay kutay say bhi giri hui hoti hai. Yar gali kay kutay ko bhi siraf 2 din khana khilao sari zindagi tumhara wafadar rahe ga nahi yakeen to give it a try. Ye fact likhne ka mera maqsad siraf itna hai ese sare madrchod logo ko zindagi say nikl painko jinki wajah say tumne suffer kia ho. Bdla lene ki socho bhi na badla lena e nahi hai unko unkay hall pay choro agli bus pakro or nikl paro.
Ik esa mor aye ga kay yahi log tumhare samne rull rahe hongay madad kay lie hath phalain gae mafiyan mangain gae
Maff karna dua dena or wapis bhar chor ana. Q kay jinki aukat gali kay kuttay say bhi giri hui ho unhain ghr nhi bhitaya jata✌

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