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This was my first week as a male cheerleader, I've always wanted to be a cheerleader but there were only girls on the cheer team so I'm the only boy! Literally every girl on the team was taller and stronger than me so the coach made me a flyer, and now it's my job to thrown up in the air by girls 😩💔

oohhh that sucks. but you’ll b alright.

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Do you smoke?

ew no

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your so rude.

i'm totally not. but whatever :)

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Body appreciation pap?

no i'm good

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wuss your number

If I wanted you to have it you would

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Your sexy

Thank you :)

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Are you stubborn?

i guess

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Just tell me who you like

I'm not stressing so why are you?

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who do you like?


i'm ab three months late but yoooo ❤️

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minding my business

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You've gotten prettier

honestly don't see this as a compliment but thx 💕

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You never answer my questions

clearly i haven't been on here.

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Henry said he misses you

Best guy dresser you know?

sorry i'm just seeing this but definitely Chino

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Is you on varsity or jv

**are you and i'm on varsity.

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Your a tomboy.

i'm not but okay?

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Who do you like.

no one. don't ask again. okay :)

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Purse or backpack


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What's your favorite color?

i like everything

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biggest pet peeve

When people touch my butt. Gosh i hate it.

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Who all do you have streaks with?

friends. thats who

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What is your idea of hell?


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Full name?Middle Name?Age/Birthday?Height?Favorite sport? What School do you go to? Do you like anyone? Favorite Pro athlete?What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Biggest fear? What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Antanaysiah/Jasmine/14/03.02.02/Cheer/Creek/😉/Curry/I have no clue/ idk/ an attorney

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