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هل تعلم ان السمكه تعيش في الماء😶😂.امزح امزح خلاص وانا الي كنت احسبه تعيش بالهواء😱

Sorry, I don’t speak Paris-talk.
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What is your view of the British Royal Family?

Being a monarchist doesn’t necessarily mean supporting any one particular monarch or their family. The current one in Britain has to go.

Should I convert to Mormonism, or Islam? Which do you think has the best shot at resisting modern degeneracy?

One heresy is as good as another.
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Why did you get kicked out of neoreaction?

You say that like I got a membership card torn up. That's not how it worked. Basically, about a year before the election of Donald Trump, I told them that "passivism" was pointless blackpilling and amounted to arbitrarily taking options off the table for no good reason. I further told them that the "mannerbund" was just an excuse for socially clumsy autists like Warg Franklin and Mark Yuray to turn a philosophical movement into a Tomoko Kuroki-level scheme to get people to hang out with them. I told them that I was interested in fighting for western civilization and if I wanted a self-help program I would have read Dianetics instead of Unqualified Reservations.
It didn't go over well, but I was right.

Where the fuck have you been?

Life got in the way. My day job got hectic. Then I moved out of California, and had to get set up on the east coast. If I were on the left, I'd have money dumped on me, like Intel giving Anita Sarkeesian $300,000 to not make YouTube videos. But I'm not, so sometimes I have to go deal with other things.
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Should we stop reading Harry Potter because J. K. Rowling retconned Dumbledore as gay and Hermione as black after the books were finished?

No, you should stop reading them because they're pablum and there are many, many better books to devote your time to.

How exactly are atheists supposed to keep their beliefs hidden if they aren't supposed to take the sacrament? Won't it be pretty obvious the Nth time they skip out on the bread and the wine?

Nobody's saying they'd have to go to church at all. Just don't be antisocial by publicly denying the gods of the polis.

Is Justice League Unlimited degenerate for portraying an interracial romantic relationship between Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, ultimately resulting in a mixed-race child?

Yeah, kinda. He's still a better John Stewart than that lefty comedian, though.

Turkish edition of Playboy featured a transgender model at 1991 with the permission of Hugh Hefner, what do you think about it?

Degenerates gonna degenerate.


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