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Imagine there's no Heaven.

I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks that the world John Lennon described in that song sounds like pure hell. What he seems to have forgotten is that a world that has nothing worth killing or dying for in it pretty much by definition has nothing worth living for in it as well. It is the sterile, shallow, passionless world of Looking Backward or Brave New World - by day you are a replaceable cog in the hideous machinery of a hivelike society, and for your trouble you're allowed a couple of hours of meaningless hedonism in the evenings. Anyone who thinks that's beautiful is basically just a proletarian tryhard who was educated by an affluent society beyond their own ability to grasp the full implications of what they are being taught.
Shit like this is why Socrates wanted to boot all the poets out of his perfect society. Poets can make the worst, stupidest, and most horrible ideas sound beautiful (and since they tend to be artistic instead of intellectual, they are prone to doing so, especially when those ideas are utopian in nature). Their ability to do this makes them inherently dangerous - they represent a constant risk of destabilizing your society by making people believe in unworkable utopian nonsense. Socrates was not some uncultured brute, but he understood the danger so well that he believed that it was better to have a society without poets at all than to take a risk like that.
Smart guy, that Socrates.

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So are you saying that you're okay with white nationalism, but not white nationalists?

Kind of. The problem with the WNs I've been battling over the past few days is that the left is absolutely correct about them - they really *are* a hate group. They are more motivated by hatred of other races than by love of their own race. This explains their embrace of fedora and antipathy toward Christianity - they hate black people so much that they'd rather that blacks *not* have eternal souls than that whites *do* have them. Think of how self-destructive that is, and you'll see the problem.
So as to whether I'm on the same side as white nationalists, it depends on exactly what they're telling me. Tell me that you're a white nationalist because you believe in free association, and I'll be on your side. Tell me that you're a white nationalist because you love your race and you want to preserve it, and I'll be on your side. Tell me because you're a white nationalist because you firmly believe that diversity + proximity = war, and I'll be on your side. But say that you're a white nationalist because you hate everyone who isn't like you and I can't be on your side, because hatred really *is* always self-destruction.
Self-destructive people tend to do things like lashing out at those who are trying to help them - who are trying to be on their side - which is precisely what we've been seeing from the edgy fedora WNs over the past few days. That makes continuing to try to be on their side pointless. In the end, you can't save self-destructive people from themselves, you can only try to give them a wide enough berth that you aren't caught in the blast when they finally do self-destruct.
So am I okay with white nationalists? I am with the ones who aren't self-destructive, sure.

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Should the US have dropped the nukes on Japan?

The US should never have pushed Japan into that war in the first place. They defeated the (traditionalist) Japanese Empire, and in doing so handed China, Korea, and Vietnam to Communists, resulting in another 100,000 American lives being lost in failed or semi-failed attempts to clean up Asia over the next three decades. Always, always American intervention makes things worse, costs more lives, and results in the handing of power in foreign places from bad people to even worse people. We chased out Hideki Tojo and got Kim Il-Sung; we chased out Saddam Hussein and got ISIS. We never fucking change and we never fucking learn.

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The left has already gutted Christianity through systematic infiltration leaving nothing but an empty husk.

As opposed to what? Education? Art? Music? Science? Business? Government? Technology? Sports? What *doesn’t* have a huge problem with systematic leftist infiltration here in the current year? If we’re going to outright reject everything that suffers badly from poz infiltration in 2015, then we’re going to outright reject everything. Most especially, we’re going to reject everything that our ancestors built for us over the course of centuries.
Which I’m not willing to do.
It seems to me that the argument used by the Jesus-haters on the alt-right goes something like: “Education, art, music, science, business, government, technology, sports, and Christianity have all been infiltrated by the left! Quick - let’s abandon Christianity!” I hope you can see why I’d call bullshit on that sentiment.

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As a Catholic, do you accept the idea of evolution?

Why is this such a big fucking deal? Our civilization is collapsing, the nation is tens of trillions of dollars deep in unpayable debt, we're being overrun by Third Worlders, the Middle East - supplier of a substance without which industrial civilization comes to a screeching halt - is dissolving into violent chaos, and the litmus test for being taken seriously that we impose on everybody is what they believe happened millions of years ago? Are you fucking kidding me? Evolution doesn't even affect 99% of scientific topics at all. So why is this - THIS - an issue of such supreme importance?
Well, that's silly, we know why - because electrical engineering or fluid dynamics can't be used as a battering ram with which to destroy Christianity, so nobody outside those fields gives a shit about them. To the left, science *is* global warming and evolution - they neither know nor care about much of anything else related to the topic (except perhaps how many pixels can be packed onto the screen of the latest iPhone). Other than that, all they have is fantasies about limitless clean energy or Mars colonies, and Facebook favorites given to pictures of nebulas with quotes from Black Science Man superimposed on them.
So to answer your question: Who fucking cares?

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You should get upset about the latest Radix Journal piece. But I think our duty is convince people on the alt-right that abortion is a horrible thing and win them over to our side. If people like this come at us, let's go right back at them. Perhaps offer to write a rebuttal for Radix?

Attached below is the comment I left at Radix about their "Let's cuck on abortion" article by Aylmer Fisher today. I think it made a pretty strong statement, but there's more to come on the blog once I get the edition of Short Takes I'm working on done. Long story short, if I have to *tell* them not to try to drag the right towards being pro-abortion, they aren't rightists to begin with.
As for my tone here, I think it's just right. Look, there are some ideas that you calmly debate, and there are some ideas that you slam the door in the face of. The mainstream right is in the sad state it's in today because it didn't slam the door in the face of some ideas when it should have, which happened because it wanted to be reasonable and didn't want to be accused of being mean. As for me, to misquote Christopher Hitchens, I'm not running for any office, so I don't have to pretend to respect ideas that are foolish, hypocritical, or evil when I don't. So I'm slamming the door in the face of this bullshit. No nuance, no debate, no persuasion - this idea can go fuck itself, and anyone who supports it is my enemy.

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What do you mean what you say Asian women do not hate themselves?

It is ironic that a movement called "feminism" has spent the lat century teaching women to hate themselves, but that is precisely what it has done. First, let us be honest about a few things:
1) Blank slate is nonsense; human nature actually exists.
2) The nesting/mothering instinct is part of the essential human nature of females; it is biologically programmed into them every bit as much as the sex drive (i.e. the desire to spread their DNA) is programmed into males.
3) A very small percentage of females will, for whatever reason, not have this natural drive, just as, for whatever reason, a small percentage of males are asexual. This means nothing. Exceptions are just that - exceptions. Their existence does not disprove a general rule.
4) Femininity is a reflection of, and an expression of, aspects of female biology (just as masculinity is of male biology). Yes, a very small percentage of females are not very naturally feminine. See point #3.
5) A series of related points: a) most work sucks, and there is nothing fulfilling or uplifting about being a cog in a corporate machine, b) most women are not geniuses, and their labor is not really necessary, and c) the idea that a boss will take care of you better than a husband who loves you and whose children you have borne is plain delusion.
Women in places where feminism has been a part of the dominant ideology (true everywhere in the West, but especially in America) have been taught to hate "traditional gender roles" i.e. to hate their own femininity and the very things that they are biologically programmed to want to do as a part of their basic human nature. If you hate your own nature, then you hate yourself - simple as that.
Women in those places have instead been taught an alien nature; and to want things that they really don't want because that's not what they're programmed to want. They have been taught to act like second-rate copies of men, and to want to be corporate cogs because that is the Whig definition of being a success in life. It makes them miserable. They hate their lives, and they don't know why. They have everything they're told should make them happy, but it doesn't. They hate themselves, and the people around them, and they hate you, too.
Stay far away. If you want to go searching for a wife, go someplace where femininity is still valued and where women do not hate themselves. Asia is a good bet. Good luck.

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Is the majority of gays in the US leftist, especially compared to their Brahmin masters?

Are Brahmins their masters? From what I can see, gay rights is basically a Cat Lady cause. As Richard Spencer pointed out, gay "marriage" is actually the most bourgeois political cause ever - the idea that we'll take these hypersexual outsider wild men out of drag shows and bathhouses and get them married to each other with some adopted kids so they can settle down in the suburbs, get a mortgage, drive a minivan, and go to PTA meetings. That's a pure expression of womanly urges: taming bad boys, saving hurt puppies, coddling crying babies. It's just gone horribly wrong because Cat Ladies don't have husbands and sons of their own to direct their taming/mothering urges towards, so they seek some group of outsiders whose cause they can adopt.
Of the gay men who I have known personally, most wanted some easy way to visit their loved ones in the hospital, assign power of attorney to each other when needed, and such other mundane legal matters which all could have been handled somehow without upending our entire society's most fundamental laws over them. None of them gave a damn about "marriage" (except one, and he was a Brooklyn Jew - make of that what you will). Attitudes towards the gay "marriage" ruling among them range from mildly positive apathy to a sinking feeling that someday the Cat Ladies' antics are going to get them rounded up and put on cattle cars. If you notice, the people suing Christian bakers into homelessness for not wanting to bake them a wedding cake are almost always fat lesbians instead of gay males - fat lesbians themselves being a rather extreme variety of Cat Lady.

View more Your claim that "The West" requires Christianity as an integral (you mean leading) element of 'genuine' rightism invokes weight of numbers and relative popularity in extremis. Maybe in the U.S. How do either of those things apply to, say, France or England?

1) No, I mean integral. Christianity is a load-bearing structure within the edifice of Western civilization. Pull that away, and down it comes.
2) What do you mean "How do they apply to France or England"? Do they have television where you live? If so, then turn it on and see for yourself how those countries are doing now that they've so proudly declared themselves "post-Christian". So far as I can see, "post-Christian" European society involves a bunch of limp-wristed white atheists getting pushed around by Muslims. (How do you like that new mayor in London, BTW?) Color me unimpressed.
3) Europe is the faith. The faith is Europe. The idea that Europe can long continue to exist without the faith is delusion, and the truth of that can be seen on your television screen. Reconvert or die - not just as an individual, but as a nation, a society, a culture. This is the command not of some scarlet-robed cardinal, but of reality.

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Do leftists actually realize that they are helping create a global, consumer monoculture? You know, the thing they profess to hate?

At the risk of being repetitive, I repost this snippet from an article by Sultan Knish:
"You can't find common ground with the left because it is an activist machine dedicated to destroy common ground, not only with the right, but even with its own allies on the left. Progress turns what was once progressive into what is reactionary. And what was reactionary into what is progressive.
These changes have the mad logic of a byzantine ideology behind them, but to the ordinary person their definition of progress seems entirely random.
A Socialist a century ago considered factories progressive instruments of the future and men in dresses a decadent reactionary behavior. Now factories are reactionary pollution machines of globalization and men in dresses are an oppressed victim group who have transcended biology with the power of their minds."
In short, you can't listen to the shit leftists say, because a few years from now, they'll be saying something different or even the complete opposite. And even what they say now doesn't match what they actually think or do. For example, they'll complain about "cultural imperialism" as they send Soros-funded operatives to tell Ugandans what to think of homosexuality or Salvadorans what to think of abortion, which of course is fine because whatever they complain about other people doing is always fine when they're the ones doing it.
So, yeah - 25 years ago (and still, to some members of the fringe left, but no longer to the mainstream) global consumer monoculture was a reactionary machine of capitalist oppression, and now it's a progressive instrument of the transmission of enlightened values. The change came when big business cut its deal with the left, which started under the Clinton Administration and has been solidified under Obama. Big business has signed on completely to Cultural Marxism, and in exchange the mainstream left has dropped all but the most token of anti-corporatism, both in rhetoric and in action.
So if you want someone who doesn't like globalists or their consumerist monoculture, call Alex Jones. Because you sure as hell won't get any of that from the mainstream left anymore.

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How fucked are we in America?

John Doe
That's the problem - you have to stop thinking in terms of "we". There is no "we" in America. As Gregory Hood once pointed out, "America isn’t a people and a history – it’s a flag and a piece of paper".The government isn't a "we". Its flag and its piece of paper aren't a "we". Increasingly, a population that's diverse to the point of being no more than a collection of strangers who have nothing in common with each other isn't a "we".
Who is "we"? Your family, your church, the small number of close friends who you know you can trust in bad times. If you live in a very small town, perhaps your "community" (though that is yet another word that the left has overused to the point of rendering it meaningless). There is no other "we", and you'd best stop thinking that there is.

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Papa Bergoglio is the Pontiff that you Catholics deserve; so just get used to it, AntiDem. A Serious question: do you really believe that today's Catholics want a pre-Vatican II type Pope? Why don't you shop around (yet again?) for a Church which better fits your reactionary ideology instead?

Do I really believe that today's Catholics want a pre-Vatican II type Pope? I believe that the entire fucking point of monarchy is that it doesn't have to pander to what the masses want.

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What if we get a Joffrey Baratheon?

Ah, yes - what if, under monarchy, we get a decision-making elite (of one) who turns on his people? Let me respond with this question: Could you possibly imagine a decision-making elite that has turned on its own people as thoroughly and destructively as ours has? Joffrey was a terror to those in his immediate vicinity, but when has he - when has *any* traditional monarch - tried to utterly destroy the traditions, faith, and culture of his people, not to mention eventually trying to destroy the people themselves by bringing about their genocide through demographic displacement? The king understands that without his kingdom, he is nothing, so he will preserve it, even if just for selfish reasons. Not so for our globalist elites.
Put another way: Joffrey killed individuals; Merkel is going to kill Germany. Which is worse?

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